Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gracie is 2

We celebrated Gracie's second birthday with a trip to Disney world. It was really a great trip. I felt like everyone got to do some things they wanted to do. 

Our life is crazy but I can't imagine it without this wild, strong-willed, sweet, funny girl. Here are some of my favorites right now. 

I love how much you are talking. I love how you say jonahs name "jah-joo" 

I love how you want to play "tickle me" "jeep" and "sleep, ya-ya!"

I love how you are so determined, independent and strong willed. You always want to do things for yourself. 

I love when you count in English and Spanish. You are such a smarty. 

I love how you love to sing. I love how you replace the lyrics with your name in all those songs. 

I love your big eyes and your big smile. 

I love how you want to help in the kitchen. 

I love how you always want to pour me coffee in your play kitchen. 

I love how sweetly you play with your friends. 

I love how fearless you are. You love fast rides and big slides. 

I love how you make funny faces to make us laugh. 

I love how your teachers think you are the perfect child and you never do anything wrong. I would also like to meet that child. 

I love watching you play with your brother (when you're not fighting.) 

I love how you run with such joy and excitement. 

I love painting your nails. 

I just love being your mom, even when I can't figure it out. You are a mystery to me: always surprising me and driving me crazy. I'm So glad I get to hang out with you all the time.