Sunday, February 22, 2015


Ted and I actually got to go out for New Year's Eve! The first time since 2009 (when I was 3 months pregnant and not super happy about being out at midnight.)

We were in pensacola so my parents volunteered to watch our kiddos. We had an awesome dinner and then went to see the pelican drop. It was super nice: not too crowded, no one got shot, and the drunk people actually apologized for bumping into you. Oh pensacola, you are so sweet sometimes.

At dinner, ted and I did a little activity. We wrote down our favorite memories from 2014, and then shared them. Here's what we came up with.

We also wrote down some things we want to do in 2015. Some of them are private, but I'll share a few:
Me: take our kids to Disney, do a whole30, go on more dates, see my friends more

Ted: enjoy his job,take a road trip with his brothers, take our kids to see snow, and help someone.