Sunday, November 23, 2014

A thankful heart

Wow, it's been like radio silence over here. We have had a very busy fall. We have been playing soccer.

I'm actually going to really miss that. It was so fun and cute, and he improved so much as the season passed. Not the biggest or most skilled on his team, but definitely a smart little player.

We went on our first family vacation!

I'm sorry I didn't write more about this little face when we walked up to Legoland:

Or this face chasing after her brother in the giant sequoia forest:

We have been learning to ride a bike with no training wheels!

We have been learning some songs, and a lot of new words. We have been going to music class, having a great time at school, applying for kindergartens, not getting potty trained, jumping on the trampoline, playing outside, getting accident reports from school, learning how to count (to 100 for Jonah, to 3 for Gracie), going to local festivals, reading, going to the library, making a mess, laughing, irritating the dog, irritating the neighbors, generally having a fun and busy time. We are rarely bored around here, for better or worse.

With all of that going on, I've felt bad that I haven't had time to put together any formal, Pintrest-y, Thanksgiving activities for our family. Not one book about the first Thanksgiving, and not one "I'm thankful for..." activity. But yesterday while we were walking around the Renaissance festival, Jonah showed true thankfulness for the 2 little prizes he won. When I told him he couldn't play any more games he didn't whine or cry. He just said, "Well, at least I have my 2 prizes, right?" I'm not sure where he got such a thankful spirit for the things he has, but I was pretty proud of him right then. We got some good ones, and I am surely thankful for them.