Sunday, May 11, 2014

The little is ONE

Dear Charlotte Grace,

Oh my word, I cannot even express the emotions about your birthday. I'm so happy for you, and so excited to see you grow. You are getting sooooo cute and so fun. But I'm also sad that you aren't a baby anymore. I loved your little baby self, but I also LOVE your cute, sweet, funny, big-girl self. It's bittersweet at it's best.

I love how every time you let go and start walking on your own everyone gets so excited!

I love how you lean in and say "BAH!" to get kisses.

I love when you and your brother start giggling together. You might be his biggest fan, which he doesn't appreciate yet.

I love when you start dancing. Girl, you got moves. :)

I love snuggling with you.

I love your new haircut. I miss the baby hair, but the new bob is the cutest. You look like a doll.

I love that you are starting to say a few words, including "more (BO), mama (Baba), dada, and bye-bye).

I love that you are finally sleeping through the night!!! (Really, I really love you for that)

I love that you are only nursing 2-3 times a day now.

I love that you are so inquisitive, so much that we can't take our eyes off you for one minute or you will be eating dog food, crawling up the stairs, playing in the toilet, or climbing in the shower. Whenever it gets too quiet, we start to get worried.

I love when you carry around shoes, trains, blocks, remote controls, or paci's and lose them all over the house.

I love that you are so adventurous. You will fit in well with this family.

I love that you are wild, dramatic, and full of life. I can't wait to see what you do with that passion in your life.

Today I had a great mother's day. Several moments of pure joy at being a mom. Several moments of just not being able to stop laughing, like crying I was laughing so hard, with my kids. Man, that's what it's about. Thanks JM and CG for making me a mom.

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  1. So super sweet. She is a great girl and you, my friend, are a GREAT mommy. :-) Love you.