Monday, April 28, 2014

We are two

These two. They are out of control, extremely loud, always driving me crazy, always making me fall in love with them every day. We are in a really sweet, special, awesome, crazy, exhausting, sleep-deprived stage of life. I don't think you can really understand unless you are in the same place.

Charlotte Grace is almost a year old. She is crawling, climbing, and cruising everywhere and she just started taking a couple of steps. We think she may be walking in the next few weeks! I'm ready because she is probably coming up on 20 pounds and is getting too heavy to carry all over the place. She tries to imitate a couple of words: she says "MO" and does the sign language for 'more' at the table, she tries to say mama, dada, and bye. She has always been very even-tempered, but has recently started becoming dramatic! If Jonah takes her toy or if she doesn't get something she wants she throws herself backwards. She is also starting to get some seperation anxiety. She is a Mommy's girl. She is very active and loves to play rough (especially with her brother), but when there's a lot going on she likes to sit back and observe. People think she is quiet until they see her in a smaller setting. Introvert problems. She likes to play with a lot of boy toys (trains, blocks, and swords) becuase that is what she sees her brother doing. I tried to give her a doll but she didn't really care too much. She loves to play with her brother, which usually consists of her tearing up his train tracks and him screaming about it. Good times. She LOVES to eat. I'm still nursing her, but we are working on weaning to the cup. We are both sort of ready and sort of not :) She still is not a great sleeper, but she will usually make it until about 3 or 4 am before waking me up.

Jonah is 3 and a half. Just ask him. People say 3 is rough, but I actually love 3. It has been a year full of learning, sweet hugs and kisses, and making friends. We can logic with him a lot more than we used to, although he can do the same to us now. We have stopped asking him "Where did you learn that?" because he is just putting things together all on his own all the time. He loves school, and his classmates love him. They fight over who gets to play with him. It always surprises me how popular he is. I'm sure that won't always be the case for him, but it's sweet to know that everyone enjoys his company right now. Jonah is so funny and silly, which I blame that he gets from Ted. He is also super smart (which he clearly gets from me.) He can count with meaning to 29 and can count to 100 with a little help. He is able to do simple math, patterns, and knows most of his letter sounds. He loves to ride his bike, play race cars, jump on the trampoline, play with his friends, and play video games (yuck to that one). He is a super helper with his baby sister. Our struggle right now is he sometimes has a rude attitude. Where do kids learn this nasty tone? He really is a great kid so I know we will get past it. He is very empathetic, which has been one of his greatest strength.

My kids just had to watch TV for 20 minutes so I could write this, but at least it's documented for my future bad memory. Thanks Peg+Cat.