Thursday, August 1, 2013

Carpe Summer!

It's been quiet on the blogging front because we have been so busy this summer. We have been playing every day and slowly crossing things off our summer bucket list. It is my last week of maternity leave, so we are living it up. It feels like when we were in school and it was my last week of summer, and I guess in some ways it is.

In the past few weeks, we have been to the cool zoo

Been to storytime at the library. Jonah LOVED this storytime-they had a trumpet player who even let Jonah hold his trumpet!

Had our very first Hansen's snoball. Worth the wait!

Gone to the Hollygrove market to see the garden, chickens, and rabbits.

Been to the beach

Made homemade ice cream with our milk and cream from the market.

Been swimming many times!

Even Gracie got to go in the pool a little bit.

Since being home this summer, I have decided that stay at home moms everywhere deserve a medal. I'm pretty sure that would make me crazy, if it hasnt already. Since being home, I have felt a lot of pressure to keep my house clean and be the perfect stay-at-home mom. (This was not my husband's fault and he in no way made me feel pressured to do this. It was something I put on myself.) Over time, I effectively became the maid of the Cothran house. I felt bad asking Ted to help clean up, and he rarely takes initiative to clean things mostly because I'm pretty sure he doesn't even see the mess. So I had been stressing about cleaning up after everyone else, and that is a full time job that never ends. After I spent the whole morning cleaning the floors and dusting, it was so disheartening when my 3 year old spilled crumbs on the floor. And if you have small children, you know that is a losing battle.

Can I just reinforce how CRAZY this was? I just grew and birthed a HUMAN CHILD and I am on MEDICAL LEAVE where my only responsibility should be taking care of myself and making sure I keep these two little people ALIVE. And I'm stressing out about keeping my house spotless, putting away all the laundry, and preparing healthy, delicious, creative meals. I am all kinds of crazy.

And then our dog passed away. It was very unexpected. One night she was fine, and the next morning she was sick. We were shocked and sad and I cried for days. And if you think being this sad over a dog is crazy, I am with you. I was unprepared for my grief over losing her. And I just kept thinking about how upset I would get whenever she got stains on my carpet. And how I should have taken her for walks and pet her instead of vacuuming her hair off the couch again. It brought to mind a lyric from a Caedmon's Call song:

"My cup runneth over, and I worry about the stain."

Wow, that lyric has never resonated with me so much. We had a GREAT dog. I have an amazing husband, beautiful children, and a house in a great city that I love. My cup runneth over, and the last thing I should be worried about is the mess it makes.

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to let it go and live in squalor, which is what this house would become pretty darn quick if I didn't lay down the law. But I'm putting a time limit on crazy. I clean for 20 minutes in the morning (with a timer and everything). And in the evening we all participate in a 20 minute "quick clean". We turn on the timer and clean everything we can as fast as we can in 20 minutes. We are seriously running around the house cleaning stuff. And when the timer goes off, we are finished. No more thinking about cleaning, no more worrying about it. Spill crumbs all you want and we will get it tomorrow.

Instead, we are going to color and read and ride our bikes and go swimming. We are going to jump on the bed and blow bubbles in the house. I am going to feed my family frozen shrimp every week and not feel guilty about it because it is healthy and takes 5 minutes to cook and they love it. I'm going to wear shorts and a t-shirt and put my hair in a ponytail and my husband better think I'm beautiful anyway. I'm going to play kickball instead of work out on the elliptical machine even though it's 100 degrees outside. And I'm not going to worry so much about the growing pile of crumbs that is now accumulating under our dining room table. I'm not going to worry if other people think our house is a mess, because I have two small children and they won't always have their legos all over my floor. I'm going to do important things like talk to my kids and listen to them even though they Never. Stop. Talking. (Even the three month old is incapable of being quiet. Honestly.) And I'm going to stop wasting time trying to figure out a creative way to end this blog post because right now, we have to go play in the sprinkler.