Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday

Three years ago Jonah woke me up in the middle of the night so we could head to the hospital. 12 hours later we had our hands full of this sweet, smart, goofy, wildman. So In copycat fashion of my sweet friend Julie over at Happy Home Fairy I am making my list of things I love about Jonah's two-year-old year in hopes that we will look back and laugh at his crazy self for years to come:

Dear Jonah,
The past three years have changed us so much that it is amazing to us that you will barely remember them. Two was a great year, and it is bittersweet to see it end. You are a crazy, willful, sweet, funny, two year old and we love having you around.

I love that you are such a sweet big brother. You always want to comfort your sister when she is fussing and you are the official "paci patrol".

I love how you wake up and ask for pancakes every morning. 

I love that your sense of humor is starting to come out and you love to make corny jokes. 

I love that every night you want to pray for Jonah, Gracie, Mommy, Daddy, Don, Nina, Darcy, and Hope in that order. 

I love that you always try to make Gracie smile and give her kisses. 

I love that you tried to make me a waffle for breakfast the other day, even though you dropped it on the floor before you got it to me. 

I love that you are all about Pirates and Superheroes right now. It makes having a little boy really fun.


I love that you are so enthusiastic about helping me clean stuff. 

I love that you are so smart! You know all your letters and are already learning some numbers and letter sounds.

I love that when you count, you always skip "14, 15, 16, 17". Maybe you will skip those teenage years as well.  

I love that I can instantly get your attention by saying Swimming, Bounce house, or Chocolate. 

I love that anything remotely long and skinny shaped immediately becomes a sword in your hand.

I love that we have to shop at Winn Dixie because they are the only grocery store with car buggies and lollipops at the checkout.

I love your crazy hair that does whatever it wants no matter what I do. Especially on Sunday mornings before church.

I love that you will go to great manipulation to get your Daddy to get in the bathtub with you.

I love how you ask if random strangers are bad guys or good guys. Very loudly so they can hear you.

I love how you think you can fight all manner of evil with your plastic baseball bat.

I love that you like catching bugs with your daddy, even when we accidentally leave them out in the rain and they drown.

I love your thirst for knowledge and how you ask "Why?" approximately 567,325 times a day.

I love that you like to get your stool and help me cook.

I love how you draw dinosaurs on everything.

I love how you get out of bed 7 times a night to squeeze out a drop of pee.

I love how you love to listen to Jon in the car, and that you wore out the CD before it was even officially released.

I love how your heart is instantly won over by anyone who will play with you on your level.

I love when you get really frustrated when dogs do things completely innate to them, like taking a tennis ball you were playing with.

I love when you want to play guitar with your daddy.

I love finding you in your room reading to yourself.

I love when you try to sing the ABCs in Spanish.

I love that your favorite bible story is about David hitting that giant with a rock.

I love how you hear everything we say even when we think you're not listening.

I love how you somehow know its a weekend and wake up extra early.

I love your bad boy face.

I love getting to watch you experience things for the first time and seeing your excitement, like when we went hiking, decorated the Christmas tree, and played with fireworks.

I loved seeing you hold your baby sister for the first time.

I love seeing your sweet, kind, loving spirit grow stronger every day. I'm looking forward to seeing all the fun things coming for you as a three year old.

Happy Birthday little goofball. I think you hung the moon every day.

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