Thursday, June 27, 2013

The best summer ever

This summer is unique for me because I'm on maternity leave so I get to spend the whole summer with my kiddos! My first thought was "Awesome! I get to spend every day having summer fun with the kids!"

My second thought was "Oh my word, what am I going to do with these kids all summer?!"

So the first thing I did was run right out and sign Jonah up for day camp 3 mornings a week. That takes a little pressure off but I still have 2 full days and 3 half days a week to fill with summer fun for the next 2 months.

I am creating a list of things we can do to make this The Best Summer Ever! Some we have done already:

Go pick blueberries

Play water gun bubble hunt. This is our new favorite game! We blow bubbles and then shoot them with water guns. It doesn't get old.

Vacation Bible School. What a fun week!

Go on a bug hunt. I saw this bug catcher kit at the dollar store and knew Jonah would love it! I thought this was a great idea, but once he needed me to help him pick up bugs I realized I'm not really cut out for this. I did help him catch a few and he spent the rest of the afternoon just looking at them in the bucket. Our best catch so far has been a grasshopper!

Play in the sprinkler

Learn to swim (working on it)

Jump in puddles (Why is this the most fun thing in the world for little boys? I do not get the appeal, but he would have done this all day.)

Go to Mommy and Me at Chick fil a. Our Chick fil a has this on Wednesday morning. You can go do a special activity, meet the cow, and there are other toddler age kids to play with in the play-place. And they gave me a free yogurt parfait...yum! It was a really relaxing morning.

Go to the Library. Our library has a lot of special activities during the summer to make it extra special.

Some more fun summer things we want to do:
Go to the beach
Go camping in the backyard
Plant a garden
Get ready for pre-k 3 by getting a jump start on learning numbers 1-10, some lowercase letters, and some letter sounds
Go hiking
Feed the giraffes at the zoo (we go to the zoo all the time, but this will take a special trip because it usually happens at nap time)
Bake stuff
Take Jonah to a movie theater movie for the first time
Make ice cream
Storytime at Barnes and Noble