Friday, May 31, 2013

Time Out

Can I just tell you that if there was an award for Worst Temper Tantrum Ever, Jonah would be all over that. I mean, we wouldn't have that many of them, but when he is in the ring there is no competition. It usually begins with something really small and turns into a screaming, vomiting toddler whose head almost pops off and spins around exorcism-style. And all because of one thing:


The temper tantrum that follows after being sentenced to time out is way worse than whatever he went to time out for. Two days ago he actually got a spanking and lost EVERY SINGLE toy in his room because he wouldn't sit in time out. He will run away screaming, "I don't want to!" for an hour rather than sit in time out for 3 minutes. His room looked like a jail cell- there was NOTHING in there. The child would rather be beaten than have to sit in time out. (**To clarify, I do not actually beat my child. Mostly because it wouldn't work anyway. Just kidding. Kind of.)

I have tried getting him a time-out stool, getting a timer so he knows how long he has to sit there, and just calmly putting him back a million times when he gets up. So far, not much progress. But I do feel that I need to get him to submit to discipline, unfortunately. My biggest concern is that he learn that he can't tell his mom and dad that he doesn't want to be disciplined. That doesn't seem to bode well for the teenage years. So the time out tantrums will probably continue for a while. Sigh.

Now that he is a big brother, Jonah has been called on to be a bit more Independent in his daily skills. The big one has been getting dressed. Now that our attention is divided among 2 kids, we can't always stop what we're doing to attend to him managing his clothes to go potty or get in the bathtub, or put his shoes on him so he can go outside. While Jonah has been great about having a sister and hasn't really shown much jealousy, having to be a little more independent in things he has always had help with has been a HUGE transition for him. Having to manage his clothes independently is what started the above mentioned screaming at daddy, time out sentence, and resulting Worst Temper Tantrum Ever 2 days ago.

So since then we have really been working on getting him independent with his dressing skills. Getting Dressed is a new chore on his chore list, and something he has to do in order to get back all the toys he lost. I'm an occupational therapist, I should be able to get him to do this in a few days, right?

So no words of wisdom over here. Just sharing some challenges of mothering a 2 year old. I know this wont last long and pretty soon he will be getting himself dressed, picking out his own clothes, and hating all the cute clothes I buy for him. Actually, he is making progress with the dressing, and it's fun to watch him remember the tips I gave him, and to see how proud he is of himself when he is able to do it.

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