Monday, April 22, 2013


You. GUYS! I am so beat. We have been going non-stop since Mardi Gras. It's been great fun, but very exhausting for this preggo girl.

Right after Mardi Gras we started helping with the weddings of 2 people who are very dear to us. The first wedding was for my baby sister! We traveled to Pensacola a lot to help plan and to throw a shower. The wedding was a beautiful beach day, and Jonah was the cutest ring bearer ever. I was the chubbiest maid of honor ever, and Rachel was a beautiful bride.

After Rachel's wedding we started getting ready for my sweet friend Kimberly's wedding. We did a couples shower at our house that turned out to be really cute! It was a backyard picnic theme, and I can't take credit for the decorations but I do get credit for the cute backyard :)

We played this cute game where they sat back to back and answered questions about "Who is most likely the marriage" And they had to raise the shoe of the person they thought most likely to hog the covers, want kids, do the dishes, etc... It was actually really funny, and I think the guys even thought so. Plus we gave them beer so they were good sports about shower games ;)

My new years resolution was to take more family pictures. This is one of the few pictures of the two of us that we have actually taken! I'm failing in my resolution.

They had a beautiful wedding a few weeks later, and I was in charge of the cookie table. The couple decided they didn't really want cake, they wanted cookies instead. So I was in charge of organizing 7 different varieties of cookies totaling about 350 cookies! I had a lot of help baking, don't worry! And I was able to get these super cute wedding cake shaped sugar cookies that were so beautiful and yummy. The cookie table turned out so cute.

We also went to the Easter picnic in Georgia for one last trip before this baby girl comes. We had a great time catching up with family and having an Easter egg hunt.

So did I get a break after all that? Nope! This past weekend we were in charge of our church crawfish boil. We started doing the boil quite a few years ago (this is probably the 5th year we have done it), and we started it up when our church wasn't quite so big. This year I have no idea how many people came and we boiled 240 pounds of crawfish and ate every one! Luckily we do have a good committee of people helping us and we have been doing it for so long we all sort of know our jobs and pull it together pretty easily. We didn't get any pictures of the boil since we were so busy!

In between all of that, we have gotten the baby's room together, thanks to help from my mom and Ted. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and ready for this girl to get here! I have been cleared by the high risk doctor, who says she is growing well and has no other problems! I will still be worried until she gets here of course, but it is great to have the all clear from him. Jonah is starting to understand what is going to happen. He knows she is in my tummy and she is coming to live at our house. He knows where her room is and her toys. I don't think he understands she is just going to be a little baby when she comes though. I asked him if he was going to hold her and he told me, "No, I'm going to play ball with her." I told him she won't know how to do that yet and he said, "I will teach her." Ok, no worries then!

Jonah is doing great, though he is a constant challenge. He talks so much and will tell you big stories about things that happened weeks ago. He has such a good memory. In some ways I'm glad he will be this age when we have a new baby because he is so much more independent and he can even help out around the house. He helps take care of the dog and I can tell him to go upstairs and get his shoes or go get in the car and he can do those things by himself, which is nice. However, he is also so willfull and if he decides he doesn't want to do those things there is nothing that I can do to make him do it now. At least he is smart enough that he can understand my logic and I can persuade him a lot of the time. I was reading an article about strong-willed children and it made me realize I don't really want him to change that part of himself because one day when his peers are telling him to do things he doesn't agree with I want him to be able to stand up for himself and not be swayed. Unfortunately, right now he is only 2 and not super discerning and doesn't always know what is best and just needs to obey his parents. That is the challenge!
Don't let this cute face fool you. He is trouble.

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