Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Mardi Gras!

I have been slipping on my blog posts because we are busy having fun over here! It's Mardi Gras and we had the Super Bowl, so we have had a fun few weekends. While it's been crazy, I'm glad for it because it is making this pregnancy go by faster. I felt like the holidays went by quickly, and then January just crawled by after we found out about the umbilical cord anomoly. I am trying to enjoy my pregnancy, and of course some things I do enjoy like feeling the baby move, getting to see her on the ultrasounds, and eating ice cream all the time. But I really am a happier person not pregnant and with my baby in my arms, so I'm counting down until May! The past few weeks have gone by faster with so much going on in the city!

Jonah loves Mardi Gras and we are so glad! He loved going to the "light parades" and sitting in his ladder. He sat in his ladder for about 1 1/2 hours tonight and loved it. Thankfully, Ted is good at bead deflection and made sure none of the kiddos lost any teeth. They really racked up at Endymion on Saturday night!

Jonah is still super fun to be with, although sometimes his talkative-ness drives us crazy. He will sit and have a whole conversation with you now, and he really is so funny with the stuff he comes up with. On occasion, we do wish he would just be quiet and we could have some peace ;) While we are battling with a few "terrible twos" tantrums, he really is a good, laid back kid and we have so much fun with him.

Our baby girl is doing well, too! We went last week for a follow-up ultrasound to check up on the umbilical cord anomoly and the doctor says she is growing well. He was also able to see all the parts of her heart and kidneys and said they looked perfect! That was music to my ears because that was one of my biggest worries. We have to go back in 5 weeks to check her growth again, as he said that will become a bigger concern as she gets bigger. But so far, he is feeling pretty sure that the anomoly is just an isolated event and hopefully just a deviation from normal. We are feeling very reassured right now, and can't wait for her to get here healthy! We did pick a name for her, but we are keeping it a secret for a while.

We also took Jonah for his first trip to cafe du monde! I don't know how it took us so long, but one day we just randomly finally took him. Of course he loved it, what's not to love about powdery doughnuts and hot chocolate?