Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's a GIRL!

On the day after Christmas, we went to our 19 week ultrasound to discover that we are having a little girl! We were both so surprised! A lot of big changes are coming for us!

At the appointment we also learned about an abnormality in the baby's umbilical cord. The doctor was very reassuring and told us this anomaly more often occurs on its own with no other complications. However, it can occur alongside other genetic conditions and organ defects so we are having to go for more frequent ultrasounds to monitor the baby's growth and continue to check that there are no other issues. They assured us that everything else looks fine so far so have not recommended any invasive testing, but I am now also at increased risk for prematurity and low birthweight. To top it off, Jonah has fifth disease, a virus that is dangerous to pregnant women. He is totally fine and doesn't even know he's sick, but we are very nervous awaiting my blood test results to come back to see if I am immune or if I have been exposed.

While everything still looks fine with our girlie and I am still feeling her kicking every day, it is hard not to be worried about her health. Please be praying for her little heart to develop normally and that there will not be any other abnormalities to find as we continue to monitor her growth. We know God is going to bring us closer to Him and to each other through this, and we are anticipating the day we can say He brought her to us safe and healthy.

Obviously our excitement about finding out we are expecting a little girl has been tempered with our nervousness about her health. We are processing through all this information, but still feeling overwhelmed. And for everyone pestering us for names, we are discussing some really strong girl names for a kiddo that can get through all this mess with no problem ;) Will let you know when we make a decision.

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