Monday, December 10, 2012

A quick fall recap

I haven't blogged in so long, but I am blaming a hurricane and baby #2. Shortly after we got back from Colorado, we were hit with hurricane Isaac. We had a little damage and lost power for about 5 days, but nothing too bad. The siding blew off our house but our awesome and knowledgable friends helped Ted put it back up. We were able to keep the kiddo busy with building forts, arts and crafts, and walking around the neighborhood when the rain occasionally let up.

In September, I participated in the Girl Power Triathlon! By this time I was already 7 weeks pregnant, but I had already signed up and been training for the Tri before all that started, so I really wanted to be able to complete it. I was feeling pretty good the morning of the race so I went down there and did my best! I think the adrenaline kept me feeling pretty good, but that was the last day of good times for the first trimester :) From that night on, I was sick and exhausted until very recently. Oh well, at least I had a good morning competing!

Going in!

Jonah waiting at the Finish Line

Coming across the finish line

That's my triathlon buddy Emily

This was my attempt to get a picture with Jonah on the #1 and baby 2 on the #2, but Ted wasn't quite understanding my vision. This is the best we got

In October we took a road trip to see some family. We stopped in Tallahassee to see Beth, Andy, Yvie, and new little Lyra. Then we headed to Georgia to see Heather, Jeff, and Ben. Next we headed to Atlanta to see Pam, Jason, Reagen, and McKenzie. Jonah has been talking about Kenzie ever since, he LOVES playing with her. We spent a day in downtown Atlanta and went to the World of Coke and the Aquarium. Jonah LOVED the aquarium, he just loves animals. His favorite was the dolphin show and he was so sad when it was over. He kept telling me, "It's about to be more, Mommy!" When I was telling him we had to leave the show. We were not super dilligent about pictures, but we did snap a couple of good ones.

Playing with Ben

Rough housing

Swinging at the park with Kenzie

For Halloween, we decided to dress up as Ghosts. Whenever I asked Jonah what he wanted to be for Halloween he would tell me something different, and usually something totally random (A jaguar! A puma! Kid watches way too much Diego.) Finally I told him he was going to be a ghost and started drumming that in his head. He has a Curious George book where George dresses up like a ghost, so he was okay with that. He wanted me to be a ghost too, so I gave in. We didn't go to any costume parties this year because Ted was out of town until Halloween day, so we just dressed up for trick or treating. Jonah liked trick or treating this year, but he only made it around the block and then was ready to go home and eat his candy!

When my mom saw Jonah in his ghost costume, she dug out a picture of me at about 3 years old dressed as a ghost. We looked so much the same, it was crazy! So I decided to do Jonah's face paint like mine had been done when I was 3.


Such a sweet tooth

November passed in a blur of sickness and fatigue, but I was feeling better by Thanksgiving, thankfully. We stayed in New Orleans and had dinner with some friends for thanksgiving day, then were able to go spend time with my family in Pensacola for the weekend. Now we are having fun getting ready for the Christmas season! So far, Jonah has gotten some pieces of his nativity set and he will tell us about how baby Jesus had to sleep in the barn, and the angel came to tell everyone the baby was born. We let him help decorate the tree this year, and he was obsessed. It was stressful at first while I was putting up the lights and he didn't have anything to do but get in the way. But we were glad we let him help put on the ornaments with us. He looked like such a big boy, and his little face was so cute when he looked up at the tree. He has been really good about leaving the ornaments alone now that they are up, too.

We still have to go see the Christmas lights in the park and go see Santa. J says he will ask Santa for some new bubbles. And that's all he wants. I think Santa (me) will think that is the easiest request ever!