Monday, August 13, 2012

Just kidding

Hmmm, not sure who wrote that last post about what a great two-year-old Jonah is. I can't remember those days right now. I must have written that before the "I no want to!" phase started.

This weekend we took Jonah and my mom and dad to go on a swamp tour for my mom's birthday. It was pretty cool. We saw a bunch of alligators and birds, and they even had a little alligator that you could hold. Oh my goodness, Jonah was all about that. He really liked riding on the boat and seeing the alligators. Most of them were pretty little, but we did see a huge one that was creeping me out. Who happened to come right up to the boat as Jonah was leaning over the side eating snacks. And Jonah didn't quite understand that he was about to be the snack. Add to that all the "jokes" the boat captain was making about the alligators eating toddlers and it was a little high anxiety for me.

J is doing pretty good with potty training. He stayed dry 3/4 days at school last week, and he usually stays dry with us as long as we remind him to go. We also converted his crib into a toddler bed! We thought we had to buy a converter kit for the crib, which was going to be about $70. We decided to just go ahead and buy him a toddler bed (since we could get it for pretty much the same price) but when we drove around we couldn't find a cute, nice one. (Aside: Ted says, "Is cute necessary?" Really, must you ask that question?) When we got home, Jonah said, "I want a big boy bed. They no have my big boy bed!" We felt so bad about talking it up that I started researching more about the "converter kit" and found out it is just a railing! So we quickly took the crib apart and ran up to wal-mart to grab a cheap railing. Thank goodness God didn't let us buy a big toddler bed that we didn't need! Jonah LOVES his new bed! When he walked in at first he was a little disturbed. He said, "Where's my sleep?" Haha, we told him, that's your new bed, that's where you sleep. And he jumped right in and has been playing in it ever since. He went right to sleep last night and slept all night long, and woke me up with his little hand on his door this morning. He did wake up a little early this morning, but I'm trying to tell him he doesn't have to wake us up, he can just play in his room...wishful thinking!

I have been writing down Jonah-isms lately to remember the funny things he says:

Me: Why are you hoarse?
J: No, I not a horse!

J: You're a fox, Mommy!
Me: And what are you?
J: I a fox, too.
Me: Well, if you're a fox, I'm a fox

Nina: Are you cranky?
J: No, I Jonah!

And the other day he randomly asked me, "Need go potty mommy? No pee pee in your pants!" Yes, thank you for the reminder, dear.

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