Monday, June 4, 2012

Blueberries through the years

Everyone over here is a blueberry maniac. Jonah and I will literally sit on the couch and watch TV and eat them like popcorn. So, it's pretty economical (and fun!) for us to go to a pick your own farm when they are in season. We have gone to the same one for about 5 years, and how different our experience gets every year! Here are our blueberry picking pictures through the years.




Summer is here

Our Summer has begun with potty training! Or maybe I should say "Training". Jonah has about a 99% success rate if he isn't wearing pants. Unfortunately, that's not really socially appropriate, so we are still working on getting better success when we are out in public. He likes to make Mickey Mouse get his diaper changed and go on the potty, but if we ask if he needs to go, his response is automatically, "NO, Mickey mouse go potty." Usually it's very funny...

but it has been getting more frustrating lately. Oh well, it's a process We went fishing last weekend, and guess who caught the first fish?!

I think I got my country girl card back! Afterwards, I asked Jonah, "Remember who caught a fish?" And he said, "Don catch fish." Um, no! Mommy caught a fish! He told me no, and told me every other person caught a fish but me! What a nut.

At the end of the day, Dad got the prize winning fish! However, I had already called the competition and put up my pole, so I still think I officially won!

We had another beach day, and Jonah still liked the sand more than the waves, but we are slowly getting him used to the water. Only a few screaming fits this time :)