Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beach Weekend

This weekend we went to Pensacola so we could go to the beach! We love going to the beach in May because the water is so clear and it's not too hot. The water was actually pretty warm too, thanks to such a mild winter. Jonah loved playing in the sand but was a little nervous about the waves. He let us take him out a little though.

That night we made s'mores with Jonah for the first time. After we started I realized the reason we have never done it before is that I'm super nervous of Jonah around the fire! But he was able to not fall in, and he loved s'mores :)

Sunday night was the solar eclipse so we decided to head back out to the beach to try and see it. We saw a little tiny bit but then the sun set before we could see the full eclipse. Sad but at least we had fun at the beach. J was happier about playing in the sound, and he loved seeing hermit crabs. When the sun set, he yelled "bye bye sun!" Haha he is so cute.

Mom and I decided to do some sunset yoga. You look less crazy if you do it together.

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  1. Half moon pose! How fitting for sunset yoga :D