Thursday, April 19, 2012

A staycation

I have to go ahead and write about this week because we had so much fun, but that means I totally missed Easter. So suffice it to say that we hada great Easter. Jonah dyed eggs, hunted eggs ("Where more eggs, Mommy?"), ate a chocolate bunny, and played with bubbles in his Easter basket. All around a success.

This week Beth, Andy, and Yvie came to visit us in New Orleans! I was able to take a few days off work to go play with them and be a tourists in our city. They got in late on Monday, so we just rode the streetcar down to dinner.

On Tuesday, we took Yvie and Beth to the Aquarium, where Yvie loved the sting rays and sharks! Then Yvie came for a spend the night at our house so Beth and Andy could have a date night. Let me just tell you, whoever said having 2 kids is twice as much work was lying. It's like half as much work! They just entertained each other, and Ted and I just sat and talked to each other. We didn't even know what to do with ourselves! They loved playing together, and the conversations were hilarious:

Yvie: "Do you see the flowers on my blanket, Jonah"
Jonah: "Flowers on blanket, Yvie?
Yvie: "Yes, they are purple flowers on my blanket."
Jonah: "Purple flowers, Yvie?" etc., etc.

By the next morning, however, Jonah was pretty much driving her crazy! He was doing all the irritatig things he usually does to me, so I found it amusing. Such as,
#1. Screaming her name repeatedly at the top of his lungs. (To which she would reply, "I'm right here Jonah!" I tell him that too, and he doesn't stop then either.)
#2. Making her look at every. single. thing. "Look Yvie, a kitty cat!" "Look Yvie, a bird!" (To which she would reply, "I KNOOOOOW!) Amusing for me, not so much for poor Yvie.

And on Wednesday Jonah and I rode the streetcar with Beth and Yvie to the park to go to the art museum and the sculpture garden. The kiddos had so much fun riding the streetcar! They even liked the museum! Jonah enjoyed looking at the different colors for a while, and then we played a game I call, "Ask Jonah what is in the Modern Art Portraits, and laugh at what he says." For example:

This Miro "Portrait of a Young Girl"

Is clearly a duck.

And of course they loved the sculpture garden, which is much more kid friendly: They were able to run around outside and look at sculptures of giant horses and spiders. After the sculpture garden, the kiddos fell asleep in their strollers while we walked to lunch at Parkway, and we were able to have a quiet lunch while they slept! I wish I could say we planned that, but we're not that good. Just lucky.

Today they came over to our house and Ted boiled crawfish. YUM! We had a nice relaxing evening just sitting and talking while the kiddos played together. And while Jonah threw sand on his cousin and had to be told to apologize no less than 15 times. It begins.

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