Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ted said I need a post about Oreo since he is one of our daily adventures. Oreo is the rabbit that lives in our neighborhood, and he is black and white as you can probably imagine.

Jonah LOVES this guy. As soon as he gets out of the car he takes off down the street yelling "Rabbit!" and he knows how to walk the three blocks to get to his house. When we turn on the street he starts yelling "Where are you Rabbit?!" He even tries to pet Oreo, although I think he only accomplished that once when Oreo's back was turned and he was distracted with something.

I gave Jonah carrots at dinner yesterday even though the kid has never eaten a carrot and nothing we do can change that. Yesterday he picked one up, said "rabbit!" and popped it in his mouth. What?

1. How do you even know rabbits eat carrots? 2. Did you actually chew and swallow that?

At which point he ate all the carrots on his plate and mine. Congratulations Oreo for doing what no one else could.

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