Monday, March 19, 2012

The middle of nowhere

This weekend we took a quick trip to visit Ted's parents and grandmother in Alabama (or as we affectionately call it, The middle of nowhere.) Seriously, it never ceases to surprise us how far from everything else we are driving, but that is part of the appeal. They have several acres of land for Jonah to run around on like the maniac he is and a bin full of toys to dump out everywhere, so the kiddo thinks he is in heaven.

And I pretty much spent 2 days lounging on the porch swing and occasionally looking up to make sure Jonah hadn't wandered too far. So make that two of us thinking we're in heaven :) If the boy is happy and entertained, sign me up for the boondocks any time.

We also took a walk next door to visit some relatives who's cat just had kittens. Jonah's head was about to spin off from excitement and I lost track of how many times we told him to be gentle. Especially after he announced he needed to "hold Cat!" Oh my. I am happy to announce that all 4 kittens survived the encounter. Unfortunately we have no pictures since it took all of our hands to make sure we didn't accidentally love a kitten to death.

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