Monday, March 26, 2012

Life right now

Dear Jonah Miles,
We decided to sit down and write about everything fun you are doing right now so we can look back in about 12 years and say, "Remember how sweet and cool Jonah was? What happened to that kid?"

Just kidding, we are holding out hope that we will actually enjoy your company when you are a teenager. You are a pretty amazing kid, so we will only be a little surprised if you turn out to be an amazing teenager, too.

When you were born, we prayed that you would: 1. Be Healthy 2. Love Jesus 3. Be Smart 4. If it wasn't too much trouble, that you would be cute, but it wasn't that big of a priority. Well, God clearly loves to bless us, because you are all those things (especially cute)!

We are constantly amazed by how infrequently you are sick, and by how tough you are when you are not feeling well! You are getting a molar and every now and then you can be whiny, but it's not nearly as bad as we would have expected. You are so easily distracted by anything fun or interesting that it's easy to keep your mind off it! You are such a good eater and we are so thankful you have not become too picky yet. We love food too much for that.

We are so excited to see that Jesus is already teaching you about loving Him. It is both super sweet and a little embarassing when you yell, "Yayy! Good Song!" after every hymn at church. You like to hold out your hand and tell us, "Pray?" before we eat. And even though it is March, one of your favorite books is The Animals' Christmas Eve because you love ANY animals and ANY baby, but especially "baby Je-je." You have such a kind and generous heart. The other day you took a book over to a little baby at the museum and said, "Here go, baby." We love seeing evidence of your sweet spirit.

We think maybe we should have prayed for you to be a little LESS smart, because you will be outsmarting us any day now. Every day we find ourselves saying, "WHERE did you learn that?" You are learning everyone's name, some shapes, and learning to count. You are starting to put sentences together and you know so many things. Some of my favorites lately are:

"Mommy, I wanna read book." Which I hear pretty much continuously all day every day. I'm pretty sure you have the books memorized by now and you just want parental participation.

"Darcy go in the bed!" While she obeys you about as well as she obeys me, I'm not sure bossing Darcy around is really going to work out for you.

"Daddy snore, yep." Glad you are already starting to tell our embarrassing secrets. Bring it on.

"It's trash. Throw away!" Always the environmentalist.

"Mommy a mess! Go clean up!" Funny? Yes. Evidence that you may have lost your mind? Also yes.

And finally, you are so stinking cute. For two normal looking people, we sure made one cute kid. We love your big smile, your little voice, and all your mannerisms. By the time you read this you may be going through that awkward stage, so just look at this picture and know there is hope.

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