Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrate we will

So I do agree that Valentines Day is a cheesy commercial holiday, but if you know anything about us it's that we will use any excuse to celebrate! Don't be surprised, you knew we were cheese balls. Oh but you never knew the extent before:

I made Jonah's valentines for his classmates. Everyone in his class calls him Jonah Bear, we have no idea who started it, So I made bags of Teddy Graham's with a note that said from Jonah Bear. I also made him a special heart shaped lunch.

Since we couldn't really go out, Ted made dinner! He made steak, soup, and got cheesecake. I was in charge of the activity so we played the second annual valentines day games. This is a series of about 5 valentines themed games that I make up and Ted beats me at. We have so much fun playing that I think it has become a new tradition. I am super lucky to have a husband who will participate in all my crazy ideas.

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