Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrate we will

So I do agree that Valentines Day is a cheesy commercial holiday, but if you know anything about us it's that we will use any excuse to celebrate! Don't be surprised, you knew we were cheese balls. Oh but you never knew the extent before:

I made Jonah's valentines for his classmates. Everyone in his class calls him Jonah Bear, we have no idea who started it, So I made bags of Teddy Graham's with a note that said from Jonah Bear. I also made him a special heart shaped lunch.

Since we couldn't really go out, Ted made dinner! He made steak, soup, and got cheesecake. I was in charge of the activity so we played the second annual valentines day games. This is a series of about 5 valentines themed games that I make up and Ted beats me at. We have so much fun playing that I think it has become a new tradition. I am super lucky to have a husband who will participate in all my crazy ideas.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Parades with the family

We had such a fun weekend. My mom came to town and we went to the parades by our house. We have a few that start close enough to our house that we were able to walk there. Jonah loves to watch the parades but he likes to dance and run around a little so he didn't stay in his ladder very long. He did let us hold him while the floats were going by and he held out his hands to get throws. He's getting the hang of it! And he definitely got a lot of stuff. He got about 5 balls (how did they know?)

By the end it was getting past nap time and he did sit in his ladder for a while after he got so tired!

That night mom watched J so we could go on a date!! Glorious!! It feels like we never get to spend alone time together or eat a meal without yelling at someone to sit down and stop throwing food. I love that kiddo but he really has the worst table manners ever. It's always great when my mom watches Jonah too because I know he loves playing with her.

We went to eat at Upperline Restaurant. I had never heard of it, and it was very yummy. We rarely go to the same place twice because there are always new places we want to try. Then we went to Corks n Canvas to do a painting! I had been once before, but this was the first time Ted and I got to do it together. It was a great night and a great reminder that Ted and I actually enjoy spending time together and we still have things to talk about besides Jonah. Although he is still one of our favorite topics ;)

Sunday we went to show Jonah all the dogs at Barkus (the dog parade). There were dogs everywhere and he was awed! He loves animals and especially dogs.

Here are my pictures from the weekend

Monday, February 6, 2012

The parades are rolling!

Mardi Gras is in session over here! We took Jonah to the first parade this season. Krewe de Vieux is pretty adult themed so I figure it was our last chance before this smarty starts asking too many questions ;)

Jonah watched most of the parade from his backpack carrier, but finally wanted to get down at the end. I was hesitant because it gets pretty crowded, but we were able to find a clear spot that he could see the parade from, and he stayed right by me. We are going to have so much junk this year, because Jonah got more throws than everyone else put together!

Here is the one picture I have with all his stuff. He always makes a weird face when the camera flashes, but he really looked super cute. This weekend we are planning on trying out his new parade ladder!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There will be payback

Dear Jonah Miles,

Last night you woke me up at 4:30 am. I was a very nurturing, patient mother. I tried rocking you, patting your back, and finally put you in my bed. You fell asleep exactly 5 minutes before my alarm went off. No joke.

You are now sleeping peacefully in my bed and I am drinking large amounts of very bad coffee. Just know that I will get you back for this.