Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas time!

We are having so much fun this Christmas season! I have been really convicted this year about making sure Jonah knows the true meaning of Christmas. I want him to have fun with Santa and presents, but I want him to know we are really celebrating that Jesus came to be with us and that is the real gift we have. It is so hard, though! I started off deciding that we are only getting Jonah 3 gifts (because that is how many Jesus got). I was feeling so much guilt that he wasn't going to come down the stairs to a boat-load of presents! But I am really convicted that we teach him to be thankful for the gifts he has, and also that he have other things on his mind during this season.

We have been doing a fun Christmas activity every day in order to have a special Christmas season...and to help with my guilt for only buying the kid 3 presents ;) Jonah loves our Christmas tree, it is so fun to see him walk over to it and say, "Lights! Cool!" We have bought a few Christmas books, which Jonah is obsessed with. There are a few with Santa, and he will say, "Santa, ho ho ho." We got to go see the lights at Christmas in the Oaks in City Park, and we have watched a few Christmas movies. Jonah loved decorating cookies, until he figured out they were edible and then he just wanted to eat them (see above picture).

We went to see Santa, and the kiddo had the typical screaming fit picture. He was totally fine with playing with Santa, but he screamed when he thought I was leaving him alone with him. Our picture is of Jonah, Santa, and me, and Jonah is grinning like it is no thing (as long as I'm sitting right there next to him).

One day we decided to go buy a christmas toy to donate to Toys for Tots. When we were entering the store I told Jonah, "See that box? We have to go pick a very special toy for a little boy or girl who doesn't have presents under their tree, and put it in the box for them." He went and looked at all the toys and picked out a little automated puppy that he thought was awesome. He played with it all the way to the register, and I kept reminding him, "This isn't for you, it's for another little boy or girl. We have to go put it in the box." Oh my, I was expecting a meltdown when it came time to give it away! But he was totally fine when I put the toy in the donation box. After we walked out of the store, he was asking me, "Puppy? Where are you?" Haha :) I said, "Remember, we put it in the box? We said bye-bye." And then he said "Bye-bye." and that was it! It was so funny, and I can't wait to see how he is affected by picking out a toy for another child as he gets older!

We are looking forward to a few more fun Christmas activities and then Christmas morning with our boy!

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  1. Very nice! Don't worry about the presents - I'm sure your parents will do more than enough anyways. I think this age is really hard to do the true meaning of Christmas- they don't really understand the whole open presents its a special day thing.