Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The night Jonah wore his wolf suit...

We loved Halloween over here! It was a very special day for us, because it was not only Jonah's first trick-or-treating, but it was also Ted's first time trick or treating! They both had a great time. Jonah loved getting to walk around the neighborhood and see everyone else's costumes. He was a little shy about actually going to people's doors, but he did it.

He was so obsessed with his bag. It had eyes that lit up, and he would point to it and say "light light!"

Jonah and Ted trick or treating for the first time!

Now he's getting the hang of it

Eating candy for the first time while standing over hia haul! Can you tell he loves candy?

And there's my boy: sticky, messy, loud, and oh so cute.

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