Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our First Family Vacation

Ted, Jonah, and I just got back from our first family vacation! Well, we went to Scotland, but Ted was working the whole time so we didn't really count that. We spent 2 days in Breckenridge, Colorado and 2 days in Boulder. We spent days hiking, biking, and playing outdoors in the lovely fall weather. Jonah loved it! Our first day in Breckenridge, we just walked around the town. The second day we went for a long hike to the top of a mountain where there was a beautiful glacial lake. Jonah learned to throw rocks in the water. He thinks he is an expert mountain climber now.

In Boulder, we stayed for 2 nights in a little cabin at the foot of a park. We were able to walk to all the hiking trails from our cabin. We also saw deer, a fox, and an apple tree! Fortunately, we did not see bears! We were warned many times about bears coming into the park at night, and there were warning signs on all the trails. It was a little freaky, but I am happy to say our trip was bear-free. Jonah kept hearing us talk about the bears, so he was roaring the whole time. I think he was calling them, but thank goodness they never came.

Our last day in Boulder, we decided to take a short hike to Boulder Falls. Jonah walked the whole way (about 1/4 mile round trip)! We are officially calling this trip "Jonah's Vacation" because he loved every minute.

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