Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Raising Courageous Men

Sometimes I look around and think, "Where are all the MEN?!" I mean the ones who are strong, courageous leaders. The ones who are faithful and unafraid. Clearly, I know many including one who lives in my house :) But sometimes I look around at my single female friends who are waiting for these men to show up and just wonder why there are so few of them. Where are they?

It makes me feel a lot of pressure to do my best to raise one in Jonah. (I think the pressure is a good thing, though. It keeps you accountable.) We have been really praying and searching for the right things to do to build Jonah's character. Poor kiddo, he will probably wind up being our guinea pig kid. This parenting thing is hard, though! How do you discipline him while still teaching him? How do you take care of him and nurture him while still teaching him independence? It is a tough line and I feel like we mess it up every day. Sometimes I look at parents in our church who are on their third or fourth kid ( or more, haha) and think, "Ok, I need to take some tips, they have it figured out now!" I know they feel like they don't, but they know more than me!

I just finished reading Shephearding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp, which was a great book about disciplining your child. While I didn't agree with all the specifics in it, I thought he had some really great points that we have been trying to put in place. I know Jonah is God's baby and God is going to take care of him no matter how many times I mess up! I would just rather not mess up too much ;)


  1. I can totally relate! We are dealing with those same issues in our house right now. I read that book while I was pregnant and didn't really like it, but I want to give it another go and see if it speaks to me more now that I'm in the midst of this parenting thing. I'm trying to find a good balance of discipline and grace in our house... it's tough! I'm thankful that the grace I've been given because I know I mess this up every day!

  2. Kim, you are a great mother. You love Jonah and want to see him blossom, that is the best foundation you can have. Be patient (even normally well behaved/nice kids have their periods of figuring out emotions/testing boundaries/cause and effect, etc. which can be beyond frustrating), be empathetic (seriously, using and modeling empathy is a great way to keep yourself calm and teach Jonah to do the same), try and be consistent (that is the really hard part), and forgive yourself (and Ted) if you make what you think is a not so great decision. We are all still human, and that means we are all still not perfect. Go with your gut. It will all work out. I love you.

  3. Beautiful post! I often feel the same way, raising two boys is fun, exciting, exhausting and scary all at the same time.