Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Raising Courageous Men

Sometimes I look around and think, "Where are all the MEN?!" I mean the ones who are strong, courageous leaders. The ones who are faithful and unafraid. Clearly, I know many including one who lives in my house :) But sometimes I look around at my single female friends who are waiting for these men to show up and just wonder why there are so few of them. Where are they?

It makes me feel a lot of pressure to do my best to raise one in Jonah. (I think the pressure is a good thing, though. It keeps you accountable.) We have been really praying and searching for the right things to do to build Jonah's character. Poor kiddo, he will probably wind up being our guinea pig kid. This parenting thing is hard, though! How do you discipline him while still teaching him? How do you take care of him and nurture him while still teaching him independence? It is a tough line and I feel like we mess it up every day. Sometimes I look at parents in our church who are on their third or fourth kid ( or more, haha) and think, "Ok, I need to take some tips, they have it figured out now!" I know they feel like they don't, but they know more than me!

I just finished reading Shephearding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp, which was a great book about disciplining your child. While I didn't agree with all the specifics in it, I thought he had some really great points that we have been trying to put in place. I know Jonah is God's baby and God is going to take care of him no matter how many times I mess up! I would just rather not mess up too much ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fun Weekends

We are so lazy over here. All we want to do is have fun! That means I have a lot of pictures of our fun filled weekends, and zero pictures of my very messy house.

Ted and I have been lucky enough to have the past TWO Fridays off TOGETHER! We are getting so spoiled. Last Friday we took Jonah to day care and had a day date together. We went to see the new Harry Potter movie (I had seen it, but Ted hadn't), and then we went to Afternoon Tea at the Windsor Court Hotel downtown. It was Ted's idea, but he was the only man there! It was a nice relaxing lunch, and also fun people watching. Exactly what type of person goes to afternoon tea? #1 Birthday Parties for Junior Leaguers who I guess don't have jobs to go to on Fridays #2 Bridal parties (this one I understand) #3 Couples who have day care on fridays that they already pay for. It was a fun experience, and giving us some nastolgia about our time in Scotland.

This past Friday, we all took the day off together. We went to the sculpture garden in City Park. Jonah loved it! He just got to run around all the big green space.


That afternoon we took Jonah to the Cool Zoo, which is the splashpark at the zoo. He really had a fun time. We are planning to go back so he can do the slides next time.

We also took Jonah to the aquarium (we have a membership to the zoo and aquarium, which is why we go so much) and he discovered the slide. He is now trying to slide down everything. He kept going back to the slide over and over and pointing at it. He is getting so funny with trying to tell us what he wants. The other day he pointed at the pot of food, pointed to himself, then pionted to his plate. Like "Mom, I want some more of that for me, put it right here on my plate." He is also obsessed with animal sounds. He will say "roar" whenever he sees anything that resembles a bear. He will also bark when he sees a dog, even on TV. He has tried to imitate some other animal sounds, but doesn't do those independently. He also LOVES to dance, but we don't know where he learned all his moves. We thought it must be from daycare, but they said no, he just busts it out all on his own.

One last picture of our rainy day fun. We made a tent in the living room. When he realized what was going on, he was laughing at us crawling under there! Then he just kept going back and forth through the little tunnel. He loved it!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bye-bye, Baby

Growing up is tough. You have to give up your bottles, grow painful teeth, and generally do things that you now realize you don't want to do. Just ask Jonah, who is most definitely a toddler! In some ways I miss the snuggly little baby who slept through whatever errand we had to run and ate whatever I put in his mouth. But growing up is also fun, you get to turn around in the car seat, eat cupcakes, and go play outside by yourself! (sort of. you get to play outside on the back deck with the window open and mommy is in the kitchen and can see you.) Hopefully Jonah will soon realize that the pluss-es outweigh the negatives.

Jonah is still in the 15th percentile for height and weight. He is about 21 pounds, but I don't remember how tall he is-I think about 28 inches. Thus why I need to blog more, so I will remember these important things. He has 6 teeth and they are coming in all out of order. He has 3 on top, 2 on bottom, and 1 top molar. I check every day to see if the other top or bottom teeth will come in. He says a few words (in his own way), like light (la-la) and all done (ah-dah). He will say da-da, but still only says mama if he's whining for me to pick him up. Which is really special (no).

Jonah gets a bottle at night but otherwise is on a sippy cup. He is doing much better with his cup! I think the trick was spicy food and peanut butter :) He has to have vitamins now because he is on whole milk, so we put those in his night time bottle. We tried to give him a dropper full the first time, and we really thought he was going to throw up. It was one of the rare times Ted has put his foot down and said, We just CANNOT do this every night and have to come up with something else. So in the bottle it goes, and no one gags ;) If he would Hurry Up and get molars, he could have Flinstone vitamins!

Our big struggle right now is Seperation Anxiety, which he has NEVER had before. I haven't been to church service in 2 weeks because he is throwing such a tantrum. Which brings me to my other struggle, the temper tantrums. This is when I realized we really no longer have a baby on our hands! Right now we are doing our best to figure out how to deal with the 1 year old temper tantrum. Otherwise he is pretty good. Sleep? Check. Eating? Check. Behavior? Ummmm, we are at a loss. Oh well, I'm sure this struggle will pass, and we will be on to the next one!