Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter, Birthdays, and Mothers Day!

So clearly I got burned out by blogging so much in Scotland and took a little hiatus. But it has been a busy month!

Jonah had his first Easter! We went to Columbus to the family reunion as per usual. We had a great time getting to see family and getting to have Jonah's first Easter egg hunt. He was so competitive and pretty much stole all the eggs before the other kids got a chance. I had to make him go put some back so the slow kids could have some, too. Or maybe he just found one egg and played with it for the rest of the time, but we all had fun anyway! One of the older kids kept finding eggs and putting them in Jonah's basket, it was so sweet :)

Jonah also got his first Easter basket which contained...Bubbles! His new obsession! He will now crawl around carrying the bubbles container and bring it to you so you will blow bubbles for him. Such a smarty.

Last week was our birthdays, and we are now old. Ah well, if you judge by our bedtime and the number of top 40s songs we know, we were probably old before. We had an intimate dinner party with some friends and had a little wine tasting activity, which was a perfect birthday celebration. My birthday present was really my iPhone, but Ted also got me a fancy wine opener.

And of course yesterday was my first *real Mother's Day and I just wanted to spend it with my family. My request was to go to the park and take some Mothers Day and Jonah's 10 months pictures, so we got up early to go before it got too hot. So much for sleeping in on Mothers Day! Here are the best pictures!

After church we had lunch at Ignatius, which is super yummy and you can sit outside (read: perfect to take a baby). Then we went swimming for the first time! Jonah was okay with the big pool, but he LOVED the kiddie pool. He wanted to sit down and crawl around, but it was a little too deep so he just kept getting mad that we wouldn't let him go do his thing. He is going to be my little fish!

Jonah now weighs 20 lbs. He is in the 25th% for both height and weight, yay for being proportional!! His new thing is pointing at everything. He will point at Ted and say "Dada!", but then he'll point at me, the door, the dog, the light, or anything, and say "Dada!" too. He will come crawl in my lap and say "mama" so I think he's starting to get the idea. He will push his little push car with one hand and stand for a couple of seconds alone, but no steps yet. He has also become a great sleeper (most of the time) and we are finally feeling rested sometimes! He loves to get up and go, but also often sits back and observes. He is definitely a people watcher. He had an ear infection and we had no idea until his 9 month checkup, so he continues to be our tough little guy. He is getting to be a little person and becoming much more willful, but he is also doing something funny and new all the time and I love getting to see it. We are so lucky to have this really cool person in our lives.

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