Friday, March 11, 2011

Edinburgh: the rest

Poor Baby Jonah has ended up in our bed at some point in the night. I feel for him, because he wakes up in his pack n play and doesn't know where he is or what time it is. It's a good thing we have a King size bed, because Jonah has become a bed hog. We eventually just got up before him this day since he was taking up the whole bed:

On Wednesday Jonah and I took it easy because all the fun was catching up to us. We walked around a little and rested in the morning. Then we went to the Storyteller Center for lunch. They have a nice bookstore, a cafe, and a really nice storytime venue for telling traditional Scottish stories. Unfortunately, they only do storytime once a month so we didn't get to hear any stories. Jonah LOVED playing at their storyboard, though. And I loved letting him play while I ate my lunch! We learned about some new Scottish stories and got a few books!

Then we went to the Museum of Edinburgh, which was pretty small but interesting. They had a model of the city from the 1600s that showed how the city had this big wall around it with a gate letting you in on the main street that we are staying on. I had never noticed a wall, but I walked outside and sure enough, there one was! Goofy that I had to see it in a museum before I noticed the real thing. We went to the museum of childhood next, but it was kind of a tease. It was all these antique toys, but you couldn't play with any of them. It was like torture for a child. Plus, there was a whole room of dolls just staring at you with their creepy eyes so vamanos, we got out of there.

That night we went to eat at Browns to have an English meal. I had Shepherd's Pie for dinner. It was better than the one I make that I refer to as "cowboy pie" because I make it with ground beef. This one was made with lamb Yum-O. I had Sticky Toffee Pudding with Clotted Cream for dinner, which tasted like a sweet bran muffin with toffee sauce and sweet butter. It was good, too. That night there was a lady at the restaurant who kept staring at Jonah. She finally came over to tell us how lovely he was, and entertained him for several minutes while we finished our meal. He is just so irresistable. She came back later and offered to play with him while we had desert! He has so many admirers. We had already finished, but told her we could meet her for dinner the next day so she could play with him while we ate ;)

On Thursday morning Jonah and I went to the Parliament building. Scotland only just got their own Parliament in the late 1990s! Before that they had been under the English Parliament. They are so proud and really try to encourage people to be involved in their government. The Parliament is still required to defer to the English Parliament on some issues, like issues of defense, but can make decisions for most of Scotland's laws. The building is this goofy looking modern building that takes up a whole block. It's supposed to be shaped like a stem with leaves, and it looks sort of ridiculous. The weather was crazy that day! Between 9 and noon it had been sunny, rained, sunny, rained, hailed, and then sunny again. You cannot count on the weather here. That afternoon we met up with Katie and her boys again to go to a playgroup. Jonah needed to get out some energy and he had fun crawling all over the floor, getting run over by the big kids, and crawling over the babies. That evening when Ted got off, we all decided to climb to the top of Calton Hill. It's a steep climb to the top, with a nice view of the city. There are also several monuments on top that are cool looking.

Finally, Friday Jonah and I had to do laundry! Yuck and it took forever and wasted our morning. This afternoon we went to the Botanical Gardens. It was such a nice large green space. We had tea at the cafe there, which is the most kid-friendly restaurant ever. They even had a play area inside. When Ted got off work we brave d the bus system to go to Portobello, a small beach town on the North Sea. The bus was actually really easy and convenient. Portobello was a sweet little area with little kids playing all over the place. It seemed much more like a little family beach neighborhood. It was SO SO cold, I cannot even describe. Here is a picture of me and Jonah at the beach! I am freezing my tail off, but you will notice Jonah has a little Sauna. He is bundled well, but he has a rain cover over his stroller that keeps out the wind and keeps him nice and toasty warm.

Tomorrow we are leaving Edinburgh to drive north through the Highlands to Loch Ness! Hopefully we will see a monster!

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