Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7 months

Wow, time flies! My baby is a big kid now, or at least he thinks so. He weighs 17 lb 12 oz and is 25.5 inches long. That's right, he remains a shorty. Oh well, I'm sure he will grow one day, although the doctor seems to think he has inherited some short genes and will always be short. Whatever. He just needs some real meat and stuff with some good ol' HORMONES in it, and then he'll shoot up.

In the past month, Jonah has learned to crawl and pull up. He is my little science kid, because he now wants to know what EVERYTHING is and how it works. He will crawl all over trying to get into everything, but usually if I let him see what it is he will give it a rest. He also tries to pull up on everything now including the wall, the blinds, and the rocking chair. If he can't figure out how to pull up on it, he starts crying. He is so goofy. He is very adventurous, but his body hasn't quite caught up yet, so he is falling over all the time. He came home from school with his first black eye :( So so sad. They said he fell on a toy face first. It has already been the first of many falls and bumps.

See his poor little eye??

He has also figured out how to pull up on the shelf in the kitchen where we keep his formula. Because clearly he is starving.

He has 2 little teeth on the bottom now! You can see them in this picture, I think.

We went to visit Tallahassee a couple of weekends ago. We had such a nice time getting to see Ted's parents, Beth Andy and Yvie, and go visit FSU campus! It's so funny how I can't remember how to get around Tallahassee, but I can still get around campus easily. I guess I traveled it more when I was there. We went on a Saturday, but we got to walk around the music building and see where I used to rehearse with University Singers. We went to see Westcott Fountain, but they were doing a little construction so it wasn't as pretty as usual. We also went to the bookstore, because we always have to go get some new FSU gear when we go to Tally! Jonah went to his first basketball game when we went to see FSU play. He really liked watching it, and I was so surprised that he actually took a nap in the middle of the game.

This weekend the weather was super nice, so we took Jonah to the park and to the zoo. He really likes to go see the giraffes. I guess they are big and they walk around so he can see them really well. They also had a baby orangotan. I don't really know how to spell that, I guess. It was the cutest thing EVER! If you live in New Orleans, you MUST go see this little baby, I was dying of cuteness overload. We didn't bring the camera because we go to the zoo a lot, but I wish we had!

Our Scotland trip is fast approaching, and I am getting nervous! I think Jonah will do well, though, we just have to adjust our expectations. I think I will have to ask for help more than I'm used to and we will just have to be patient with him and not be in a hurry. We have a couple of contacts in Edinburgh and I think that will be a nice help! Pray for our trip and especially for Jonah not to be too jet-lagged!

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