Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas time!

We are having so much fun this Christmas season! I have been really convicted this year about making sure Jonah knows the true meaning of Christmas. I want him to have fun with Santa and presents, but I want him to know we are really celebrating that Jesus came to be with us and that is the real gift we have. It is so hard, though! I started off deciding that we are only getting Jonah 3 gifts (because that is how many Jesus got). I was feeling so much guilt that he wasn't going to come down the stairs to a boat-load of presents! But I am really convicted that we teach him to be thankful for the gifts he has, and also that he have other things on his mind during this season.

We have been doing a fun Christmas activity every day in order to have a special Christmas season...and to help with my guilt for only buying the kid 3 presents ;) Jonah loves our Christmas tree, it is so fun to see him walk over to it and say, "Lights! Cool!" We have bought a few Christmas books, which Jonah is obsessed with. There are a few with Santa, and he will say, "Santa, ho ho ho." We got to go see the lights at Christmas in the Oaks in City Park, and we have watched a few Christmas movies. Jonah loved decorating cookies, until he figured out they were edible and then he just wanted to eat them (see above picture).

We went to see Santa, and the kiddo had the typical screaming fit picture. He was totally fine with playing with Santa, but he screamed when he thought I was leaving him alone with him. Our picture is of Jonah, Santa, and me, and Jonah is grinning like it is no thing (as long as I'm sitting right there next to him).

One day we decided to go buy a christmas toy to donate to Toys for Tots. When we were entering the store I told Jonah, "See that box? We have to go pick a very special toy for a little boy or girl who doesn't have presents under their tree, and put it in the box for them." He went and looked at all the toys and picked out a little automated puppy that he thought was awesome. He played with it all the way to the register, and I kept reminding him, "This isn't for you, it's for another little boy or girl. We have to go put it in the box." Oh my, I was expecting a meltdown when it came time to give it away! But he was totally fine when I put the toy in the donation box. After we walked out of the store, he was asking me, "Puppy? Where are you?" Haha :) I said, "Remember, we put it in the box? We said bye-bye." And then he said "Bye-bye." and that was it! It was so funny, and I can't wait to see how he is affected by picking out a toy for another child as he gets older!

We are looking forward to a few more fun Christmas activities and then Christmas morning with our boy!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The night Jonah wore his wolf suit...

We loved Halloween over here! It was a very special day for us, because it was not only Jonah's first trick-or-treating, but it was also Ted's first time trick or treating! They both had a great time. Jonah loved getting to walk around the neighborhood and see everyone else's costumes. He was a little shy about actually going to people's doors, but he did it.

He was so obsessed with his bag. It had eyes that lit up, and he would point to it and say "light light!"

Jonah and Ted trick or treating for the first time!

Now he's getting the hang of it

Eating candy for the first time while standing over hia haul! Can you tell he loves candy?

And there's my boy: sticky, messy, loud, and oh so cute.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our First Family Vacation

Ted, Jonah, and I just got back from our first family vacation! Well, we went to Scotland, but Ted was working the whole time so we didn't really count that. We spent 2 days in Breckenridge, Colorado and 2 days in Boulder. We spent days hiking, biking, and playing outdoors in the lovely fall weather. Jonah loved it! Our first day in Breckenridge, we just walked around the town. The second day we went for a long hike to the top of a mountain where there was a beautiful glacial lake. Jonah learned to throw rocks in the water. He thinks he is an expert mountain climber now.

In Boulder, we stayed for 2 nights in a little cabin at the foot of a park. We were able to walk to all the hiking trails from our cabin. We also saw deer, a fox, and an apple tree! Fortunately, we did not see bears! We were warned many times about bears coming into the park at night, and there were warning signs on all the trails. It was a little freaky, but I am happy to say our trip was bear-free. Jonah kept hearing us talk about the bears, so he was roaring the whole time. I think he was calling them, but thank goodness they never came.

Our last day in Boulder, we decided to take a short hike to Boulder Falls. Jonah walked the whole way (about 1/4 mile round trip)! We are officially calling this trip "Jonah's Vacation" because he loved every minute.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Raising Courageous Men

Sometimes I look around and think, "Where are all the MEN?!" I mean the ones who are strong, courageous leaders. The ones who are faithful and unafraid. Clearly, I know many including one who lives in my house :) But sometimes I look around at my single female friends who are waiting for these men to show up and just wonder why there are so few of them. Where are they?

It makes me feel a lot of pressure to do my best to raise one in Jonah. (I think the pressure is a good thing, though. It keeps you accountable.) We have been really praying and searching for the right things to do to build Jonah's character. Poor kiddo, he will probably wind up being our guinea pig kid. This parenting thing is hard, though! How do you discipline him while still teaching him? How do you take care of him and nurture him while still teaching him independence? It is a tough line and I feel like we mess it up every day. Sometimes I look at parents in our church who are on their third or fourth kid ( or more, haha) and think, "Ok, I need to take some tips, they have it figured out now!" I know they feel like they don't, but they know more than me!

I just finished reading Shephearding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp, which was a great book about disciplining your child. While I didn't agree with all the specifics in it, I thought he had some really great points that we have been trying to put in place. I know Jonah is God's baby and God is going to take care of him no matter how many times I mess up! I would just rather not mess up too much ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fun Weekends

We are so lazy over here. All we want to do is have fun! That means I have a lot of pictures of our fun filled weekends, and zero pictures of my very messy house.

Ted and I have been lucky enough to have the past TWO Fridays off TOGETHER! We are getting so spoiled. Last Friday we took Jonah to day care and had a day date together. We went to see the new Harry Potter movie (I had seen it, but Ted hadn't), and then we went to Afternoon Tea at the Windsor Court Hotel downtown. It was Ted's idea, but he was the only man there! It was a nice relaxing lunch, and also fun people watching. Exactly what type of person goes to afternoon tea? #1 Birthday Parties for Junior Leaguers who I guess don't have jobs to go to on Fridays #2 Bridal parties (this one I understand) #3 Couples who have day care on fridays that they already pay for. It was a fun experience, and giving us some nastolgia about our time in Scotland.

This past Friday, we all took the day off together. We went to the sculpture garden in City Park. Jonah loved it! He just got to run around all the big green space.


That afternoon we took Jonah to the Cool Zoo, which is the splashpark at the zoo. He really had a fun time. We are planning to go back so he can do the slides next time.

We also took Jonah to the aquarium (we have a membership to the zoo and aquarium, which is why we go so much) and he discovered the slide. He is now trying to slide down everything. He kept going back to the slide over and over and pointing at it. He is getting so funny with trying to tell us what he wants. The other day he pointed at the pot of food, pointed to himself, then pionted to his plate. Like "Mom, I want some more of that for me, put it right here on my plate." He is also obsessed with animal sounds. He will say "roar" whenever he sees anything that resembles a bear. He will also bark when he sees a dog, even on TV. He has tried to imitate some other animal sounds, but doesn't do those independently. He also LOVES to dance, but we don't know where he learned all his moves. We thought it must be from daycare, but they said no, he just busts it out all on his own.

One last picture of our rainy day fun. We made a tent in the living room. When he realized what was going on, he was laughing at us crawling under there! Then he just kept going back and forth through the little tunnel. He loved it!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bye-bye, Baby

Growing up is tough. You have to give up your bottles, grow painful teeth, and generally do things that you now realize you don't want to do. Just ask Jonah, who is most definitely a toddler! In some ways I miss the snuggly little baby who slept through whatever errand we had to run and ate whatever I put in his mouth. But growing up is also fun, you get to turn around in the car seat, eat cupcakes, and go play outside by yourself! (sort of. you get to play outside on the back deck with the window open and mommy is in the kitchen and can see you.) Hopefully Jonah will soon realize that the pluss-es outweigh the negatives.

Jonah is still in the 15th percentile for height and weight. He is about 21 pounds, but I don't remember how tall he is-I think about 28 inches. Thus why I need to blog more, so I will remember these important things. He has 6 teeth and they are coming in all out of order. He has 3 on top, 2 on bottom, and 1 top molar. I check every day to see if the other top or bottom teeth will come in. He says a few words (in his own way), like light (la-la) and all done (ah-dah). He will say da-da, but still only says mama if he's whining for me to pick him up. Which is really special (no).

Jonah gets a bottle at night but otherwise is on a sippy cup. He is doing much better with his cup! I think the trick was spicy food and peanut butter :) He has to have vitamins now because he is on whole milk, so we put those in his night time bottle. We tried to give him a dropper full the first time, and we really thought he was going to throw up. It was one of the rare times Ted has put his foot down and said, We just CANNOT do this every night and have to come up with something else. So in the bottle it goes, and no one gags ;) If he would Hurry Up and get molars, he could have Flinstone vitamins!

Our big struggle right now is Seperation Anxiety, which he has NEVER had before. I haven't been to church service in 2 weeks because he is throwing such a tantrum. Which brings me to my other struggle, the temper tantrums. This is when I realized we really no longer have a baby on our hands! Right now we are doing our best to figure out how to deal with the 1 year old temper tantrum. Otherwise he is pretty good. Sleep? Check. Eating? Check. Behavior? Ummmm, we are at a loss. Oh well, I'm sure this struggle will pass, and we will be on to the next one!

Friday, June 24, 2011

11 months

I feel like I am constantly saying 'I can't believe my baby is so big!' but it's true. Jonah is 11 months old! He goes to the pediatrician next month, so I don't really know how big he is. He is walking!!!! He started taking steps at about 10.5 months, but now he is really toddling around. I guess he will get in his head that he wants something in the other room and will just walk in there. It's so funny how he just lives here now. :)He knows where his toys are and how to get around, and he will just walk into the other room and play!

Jonah loves to swim. I swear, if I would let him swim all day he would totally do it. I knew he was going to be my little fish. He will even put his face in the water on his own. The other day, he fell in the kiddie pool and I grabbed him really quick but he went under for a second, and he didn't even care!

Jonah is eating table foods now. I just chop up most of his food and he is doing good with it. He gave me some trouble for a while but we pushed through, and now he will eat zucchini, sweet potatoes, avacado, hummus, and pretty much anything I give him! This is how we know he's done: he likes to put his food on his head. Don't ask me.

And then he likes to feed Darcy his leftover vegetables

He will drink water and juice from a sippie cup, but he refuses to take his formula from a cup now. I think it probably tastes bad, but I hope he likes when we transition to milk. I am ready to get off the bottle and off the expensive formula!

Jonah is starting to associate sounds a little bit. He will say "la-la" when he points to a light, and he will say "da-da" sometimes when we tell him. He is starting to get it, and I think when he starts saying words he will take off. He says 'more' in sign language sometimes, and he likes when I make him say 'all done'.

He loves going to the aquarium and the zoo, and he still loves going to daycare. Whenever we go pick him up, he is always playing so happily. We feel so lucky to have such a great place to take him and such great people to care for him and keep him safe.

I am planning Jonah's 1st birthday party. It is going to be a pool party, since he loves to swim so much. We are very excited!

And in closing, here is a picture of my babies going on a walk:)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter, Birthdays, and Mothers Day!

So clearly I got burned out by blogging so much in Scotland and took a little hiatus. But it has been a busy month!

Jonah had his first Easter! We went to Columbus to the family reunion as per usual. We had a great time getting to see family and getting to have Jonah's first Easter egg hunt. He was so competitive and pretty much stole all the eggs before the other kids got a chance. I had to make him go put some back so the slow kids could have some, too. Or maybe he just found one egg and played with it for the rest of the time, but we all had fun anyway! One of the older kids kept finding eggs and putting them in Jonah's basket, it was so sweet :)

Jonah also got his first Easter basket which contained...Bubbles! His new obsession! He will now crawl around carrying the bubbles container and bring it to you so you will blow bubbles for him. Such a smarty.

Last week was our birthdays, and we are now old. Ah well, if you judge by our bedtime and the number of top 40s songs we know, we were probably old before. We had an intimate dinner party with some friends and had a little wine tasting activity, which was a perfect birthday celebration. My birthday present was really my iPhone, but Ted also got me a fancy wine opener.

And of course yesterday was my first *real Mother's Day and I just wanted to spend it with my family. My request was to go to the park and take some Mothers Day and Jonah's 10 months pictures, so we got up early to go before it got too hot. So much for sleeping in on Mothers Day! Here are the best pictures!

After church we had lunch at Ignatius, which is super yummy and you can sit outside (read: perfect to take a baby). Then we went swimming for the first time! Jonah was okay with the big pool, but he LOVED the kiddie pool. He wanted to sit down and crawl around, but it was a little too deep so he just kept getting mad that we wouldn't let him go do his thing. He is going to be my little fish!

Jonah now weighs 20 lbs. He is in the 25th% for both height and weight, yay for being proportional!! His new thing is pointing at everything. He will point at Ted and say "Dada!", but then he'll point at me, the door, the dog, the light, or anything, and say "Dada!" too. He will come crawl in my lap and say "mama" so I think he's starting to get the idea. He will push his little push car with one hand and stand for a couple of seconds alone, but no steps yet. He has also become a great sleeper (most of the time) and we are finally feeling rested sometimes! He loves to get up and go, but also often sits back and observes. He is definitely a people watcher. He had an ear infection and we had no idea until his 9 month checkup, so he continues to be our tough little guy. He is getting to be a little person and becoming much more willful, but he is also doing something funny and new all the time and I love getting to see it. We are so lucky to have this really cool person in our lives.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Edinburgh: the rest

Poor Baby Jonah has ended up in our bed at some point in the night. I feel for him, because he wakes up in his pack n play and doesn't know where he is or what time it is. It's a good thing we have a King size bed, because Jonah has become a bed hog. We eventually just got up before him this day since he was taking up the whole bed:

On Wednesday Jonah and I took it easy because all the fun was catching up to us. We walked around a little and rested in the morning. Then we went to the Storyteller Center for lunch. They have a nice bookstore, a cafe, and a really nice storytime venue for telling traditional Scottish stories. Unfortunately, they only do storytime once a month so we didn't get to hear any stories. Jonah LOVED playing at their storyboard, though. And I loved letting him play while I ate my lunch! We learned about some new Scottish stories and got a few books!

Then we went to the Museum of Edinburgh, which was pretty small but interesting. They had a model of the city from the 1600s that showed how the city had this big wall around it with a gate letting you in on the main street that we are staying on. I had never noticed a wall, but I walked outside and sure enough, there one was! Goofy that I had to see it in a museum before I noticed the real thing. We went to the museum of childhood next, but it was kind of a tease. It was all these antique toys, but you couldn't play with any of them. It was like torture for a child. Plus, there was a whole room of dolls just staring at you with their creepy eyes so vamanos, we got out of there.

That night we went to eat at Browns to have an English meal. I had Shepherd's Pie for dinner. It was better than the one I make that I refer to as "cowboy pie" because I make it with ground beef. This one was made with lamb Yum-O. I had Sticky Toffee Pudding with Clotted Cream for dinner, which tasted like a sweet bran muffin with toffee sauce and sweet butter. It was good, too. That night there was a lady at the restaurant who kept staring at Jonah. She finally came over to tell us how lovely he was, and entertained him for several minutes while we finished our meal. He is just so irresistable. She came back later and offered to play with him while we had desert! He has so many admirers. We had already finished, but told her we could meet her for dinner the next day so she could play with him while we ate ;)

On Thursday morning Jonah and I went to the Parliament building. Scotland only just got their own Parliament in the late 1990s! Before that they had been under the English Parliament. They are so proud and really try to encourage people to be involved in their government. The Parliament is still required to defer to the English Parliament on some issues, like issues of defense, but can make decisions for most of Scotland's laws. The building is this goofy looking modern building that takes up a whole block. It's supposed to be shaped like a stem with leaves, and it looks sort of ridiculous. The weather was crazy that day! Between 9 and noon it had been sunny, rained, sunny, rained, hailed, and then sunny again. You cannot count on the weather here. That afternoon we met up with Katie and her boys again to go to a playgroup. Jonah needed to get out some energy and he had fun crawling all over the floor, getting run over by the big kids, and crawling over the babies. That evening when Ted got off, we all decided to climb to the top of Calton Hill. It's a steep climb to the top, with a nice view of the city. There are also several monuments on top that are cool looking.

Finally, Friday Jonah and I had to do laundry! Yuck and it took forever and wasted our morning. This afternoon we went to the Botanical Gardens. It was such a nice large green space. We had tea at the cafe there, which is the most kid-friendly restaurant ever. They even had a play area inside. When Ted got off work we brave d the bus system to go to Portobello, a small beach town on the North Sea. The bus was actually really easy and convenient. Portobello was a sweet little area with little kids playing all over the place. It seemed much more like a little family beach neighborhood. It was SO SO cold, I cannot even describe. Here is a picture of me and Jonah at the beach! I am freezing my tail off, but you will notice Jonah has a little Sauna. He is bundled well, but he has a rain cover over his stroller that keeps out the wind and keeps him nice and toasty warm.

Tomorrow we are leaving Edinburgh to drive north through the Highlands to Loch Ness! Hopefully we will see a monster!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Edinburgh day 4, part 2

My last post I finished while Jonah was taking his afternoon nap, but we have been busy this afternoon. We took the afternoon to go to Holyrood Palace, which is the official residence of the Queen when she visits Scotland. She comes in the summer (smart move) so the palace is open for visitors when she's not in residence. The palace was built in the 1300s, and I'm not really sure why because they had the castle just a mile up the street. I guess you need a palace too, when you're a King. The Monarchs of Scotland have been in and out since, depending on who was in power and who was kicked out. Now it's used by the Queen and other foreign visitors who are conducting state business. It reminded me of Versailles, all old fashioned and stuffy looking, so it was hard to imagine that it is actually a functioning palace some of the year. There was a throne room where the Queen actually sits to conduct official business. The chair was just a big arm chair, not really like a throne.
You're not allowed to take pictures inside, so here is one I found online:

The gardens outside are big and beautiful, but you're not allowed to go out on them during the winter. In July, the Queen actually has a huge garden party with 3000 guests.

Also on site are the ruins of an Abbey that was torn down by a Protestant mob in the 1600s. It was really breathtaking. The weather had been rainy and drizzly this afternoon, and made the ruins seem quiet and lonely. You could even see the gravemarkers for some of the kings.

When Ted got back we went to dinner at The Elephant House, which is a little cafe that JK Rowling used to sit and write at when she was first writing Harry Potter. I read many times that she used to sit with her infant daughter in a stroller. It was a cute cafe with a great view of the castle. I could imagine her sitting there writing about Hogwarts and looking at the castle.

The bathroom graffiti was awesome! I wish I had taken my camera in there! At the top of the door said "Dumbledore's Army" with a huge list of names. There were quotes from the books and notes to JK Rowling all over the door. Pretty much the best bathroom graffiti ever.

Day 4 in Edinburgh

Oh my word it was so cold today! The wind was freezing us! Jonah and I went to Edinburgh Castle today after his morning nap. It was so interesting! The castle is on the top of the hill at the beginning of the street. Jonah and I took the free tour to learn all about the castle and its origins, so here is your Scottish history lesson for the day! (mostly for me so I will remember our trip)

The castle was built on the top of a hill in the 12th century by the Scottish King Malcolm (I cannot keep all these kings straight!) This king is the son of the Malcolm who killed Macbeth, and who the play of MacBeth is based on. The English took it in the 13th century, but it was reclaimed by King Edward. He recognized that he couldn't hold it from the English so he burned the whole thing down so they couldn't have it! It was rebuilt in the 1300s with only the chapel of the original structure remaining. The crown jewels are kept in the Castle, which was really cool but kind of pale in comparison to the English crown jewels, no offense. The history is interesting though. The crown jewels are believed to date back to the 800s when they crowned the first Scottish king and contain the crown, the scepter, and the sword, but the current ones are from the 1500s (still the oldest crown jewels in Britain). The "Honours of Scotland" also includes the Stone of Scone, which is just a big rock that the new King used to sit on to get coronated. Some people say it is the stone of Jacob, from the bible. I see why the Scots hate those English, though. In the 1200s, the English took the stone and kept it in Westminster Abbey under the throne to symbolize that they were powerful over Scotland. Can you imagine? That's like if the British took the Declaration of Independence and put it under the throne to say they were still powerful over America. The stone was only returned to Scotland in 1996 by Queen Elizabeth, who I guess figured she might as well let them have their rock back if it was so important.

The jewels stayed at the castle until they were smuggled out in the 1600s to protect them from Oliver Cromwell. They were finally returned in the early 1700s when it was decided that Scotland was under English rule and part of the UK. The crown goes to open Parliament when Queen Elizabeth is in town. I suppose they actually belong to her now, although the Scots are adament that the crown jewels stay in Scotland. I feel like they are saying, "Okay you can pretend like they are yours if it makes you happy, but they are staying here."

The Castle also contains a barracks where the prisoners of the "American war of Independence" were kept. It took me a while to realize that the Castle would have been under British control at that point in our history! We were fighting for our Independence from the English, and Scotland had tried and won and tried and failed many times already. All the dates for the end of British reign over America were 1781, when the British officially released control over America. I thought that was funny because we learn in school the date 1776, when the Decleration of Independence was signed and we declared our own independence. I thought it was funny how we learn 2 seperate dates depending on how we look at it.

Sadly no pictures because I forgot my camera. I know! I'm not used to it, usually Ted takes the pictures but he was stuck in some classroom somewhere. But probably warm, though.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 3 in Edinburgh

Jonah had a rough night so we slept in and got up after Ted left for class this morning. We had a couple of errands to run, like go to the pharmacy to buy diapers (nappies as they say). Then Jonah and I went to the National Museum of Scotland. I like to do that museum first and get some background history on the place I'm visiting. It was really cool and interesting, and baby friendly. I could have brought the stroller, but I just carried Jonah in his carrier.

The museum went through the history of the Scottish people. It seems like from the earliest history Scotland has been all about keeping other people from taking over! No wonder everything is about Freedom. The Roman Empire tried to take over, but they actually failed because it was too far away. There was a school group of 7 or 8 year olds and one of the museum guides was giving them an interactive lesson on gladiators. It was so funny, and they were really cute. They were so genuine and interested, I wonder if children in the US would have been like that in a group of their peers.

The next section was about the different people who settled in Scotland to become the Scots: the Picts, the Anglo-Saxons, the Scots, Vikings...that's all I remember. They all lived together and conquered each other to become the Scottish people. The Gaelic culture emerged in the north and the islands and developed a lot of art and music. The museum had a small harp that the Gaelic people played, it was one of my favorite things.

Pretty soon, England started trying to take over and never stopped. The museum had relics from William Wallace (Braveheart) who tried to fight of those English guys but failed. It also had a guillotine that beheaded people on the middle of the main street that we are staying on. There was a section on the reformation that talked about how the Kings of Scotland would pretty much decide what the religion of the day was. The people supported Protestant queens and kings, and when one of the Kings made the Episcopal bishops rulers of the church the Scottish Presbyterians had to meet in secret and wear masks. in the 1700s, the English took over and made the English Parliament rule over both Scotland and England, with a Parliament in Scotland. I think the Scottish people are still obsessed with freedom from England, though. We were talking to a guy at the hotel who was asking us about New Orleans, ans he asked us if the people in New Orleans and the surrounding areas wanted independence from America!

We went back to the hotel to take a little nap and give Jonah a break, because then we were going to have tea with Katie! Katie is a friend of a friend of mine and she has been giving me lots of tips about traveling in Edinburgh. She is an American living here with her husband and 2 little boys. Jonah loved getting to play with them! And we both loved getting to see her little Edinburgh flat and hang out with our new friends!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Edinburgh Day 1 and 2

We made it to Scotland! It was a bumpy ride but we are here more or less. We left New Orleans Friday morning to go to houston and then Newark International Airport. Those flights went well! Then we left Newark for Edinburgh. We thought Jonah would sleep through because it was his bed time, but there was too much going on! That was a rough flight and we were all sleep deprived when we got here, but knew we couldn't just sleep or we would be in trouble. We arrived Saturday morning and toughed it out by walking around for the day.

Saturday we walked along the Royal Mile, which is the stretch of street between the Queen's Palace and the Castle of Edinburgh. We plan to go to both at some point. Our hotel is right on the mile, and it's so nice because we can stop in and give Jonah a break whenever we need to. We went to a shop that sells tartan paraphenalia from the different Scottish clans. Ted claims his family is from the Cochrane clan, although I fell asleep when he was telling me the story of how he knows this. Because I was jetlagged, not because it was boring. Probably. This shop has all kinds of stuff with the Cochrane crest and tartan on it. It also has weaving looms where they make the fabric for kilts! We went to bed early so we could be ready for the next day!

Today we woke up early and had a traditional Scottish breakfast. It's pretty much just bacon and eggs, but they do have 'haggis' which is like a meat and veggie patty. Ted had some but I am not adventurous at breakfast so I passed. We went to Hollyrood park. It used to be a volcano, but is now a great green space with hills and ponds. We weren't able to go far because we had the stroller and a lot of it was unpaved, but we plan to go again for a little hike if we have a chance. Then we went to church at the High Kirk of Scotland. It is supposed to be the birthplace of the Scottish Presbyterian church. Let me tell you, you pay so much more attention to the Sermon when the pastor has a Scottish accent. I felt like I was in Brigadoon. I was worried about taking Jonah into such a formal church, but he did well and everyone loved him. I went to stand in the back because he was talking and one older lady said "Don't take him out, he's lovely!" :) Fooled another one!

We had lunch at the cafe and it was my favorite meal so far. Everyone here drinks coffee at lunch, so I had coffee and ham and cheese sandwich. So weird, no one would ever do that at home. This afternoon we went to the Scotch Whisky Experience to see how they make Scotch and have a taste. I learned a lot, including that Scotch is pretty disgusting and I can't think of a thing that would make it palatable. We learned they make Scotch by cooking down Barley and mixing it with water to ferment. Then they add yeast, distill it and voila, a drink that burns like you're drinking a match. They don't actually have a distillery, but they had a fun little ride that goes through how they make scotch. It was fun, and Jonah loved it. The we went to the tasting room to learn about the 4 regions they make Scotch: the Highlands, the Lowlands, Speyside, and Islay. Each region makes Scotch that has a different flavor. They also make blends. I tasted a blended Scotch because it is supposed to be milder. Well I would hate to taste a bolder one. I took several sips, but I just couldn't finish it. Ted finished his, mine, and tasted 4 other ones. He used to chug Tobasco, so I'm not surprised.

Fun Scotch facts we learned!
Scotch is Whisky made in Scotland, while Bourbon Whisky is made in Kentucky. I wonder if you could make Scotch sauce and put it on bread pudding and maybe then I could palate Scotch.

Scotch gets its flavor from the soil and from the barrels it ages in, like wine. It evaporates as it stays in the barrels, with 40% evaporating after 25 years. Thus why aged Scotch is more expensive.

In the 1800s, Scotland made it illegal to distill alcohol without a permit, just like in America.

During Prohibition, people in the US couldn't get American Whisky. It was much easier to get Scotch, so it spread to America.

This place also is residence to the larges Scotch collection in the world, over 3,000 bottles. They were all unopened. That guy has a weird philosophy on life. I just wanted to go take a swig out of those bottles on principle. And hate every minute of it. Blech.

The Royal Mile

The Park

Me and Jonah with all those bottles of expensive unopened Scotch.

Me and Jonah playing at the kids area of the Scotch Experience.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7 months

Wow, time flies! My baby is a big kid now, or at least he thinks so. He weighs 17 lb 12 oz and is 25.5 inches long. That's right, he remains a shorty. Oh well, I'm sure he will grow one day, although the doctor seems to think he has inherited some short genes and will always be short. Whatever. He just needs some real meat and stuff with some good ol' HORMONES in it, and then he'll shoot up.

In the past month, Jonah has learned to crawl and pull up. He is my little science kid, because he now wants to know what EVERYTHING is and how it works. He will crawl all over trying to get into everything, but usually if I let him see what it is he will give it a rest. He also tries to pull up on everything now including the wall, the blinds, and the rocking chair. If he can't figure out how to pull up on it, he starts crying. He is so goofy. He is very adventurous, but his body hasn't quite caught up yet, so he is falling over all the time. He came home from school with his first black eye :( So so sad. They said he fell on a toy face first. It has already been the first of many falls and bumps.

See his poor little eye??

He has also figured out how to pull up on the shelf in the kitchen where we keep his formula. Because clearly he is starving.

He has 2 little teeth on the bottom now! You can see them in this picture, I think.

We went to visit Tallahassee a couple of weekends ago. We had such a nice time getting to see Ted's parents, Beth Andy and Yvie, and go visit FSU campus! It's so funny how I can't remember how to get around Tallahassee, but I can still get around campus easily. I guess I traveled it more when I was there. We went on a Saturday, but we got to walk around the music building and see where I used to rehearse with University Singers. We went to see Westcott Fountain, but they were doing a little construction so it wasn't as pretty as usual. We also went to the bookstore, because we always have to go get some new FSU gear when we go to Tally! Jonah went to his first basketball game when we went to see FSU play. He really liked watching it, and I was so surprised that he actually took a nap in the middle of the game.

This weekend the weather was super nice, so we took Jonah to the park and to the zoo. He really likes to go see the giraffes. I guess they are big and they walk around so he can see them really well. They also had a baby orangotan. I don't really know how to spell that, I guess. It was the cutest thing EVER! If you live in New Orleans, you MUST go see this little baby, I was dying of cuteness overload. We didn't bring the camera because we go to the zoo a lot, but I wish we had!

Our Scotland trip is fast approaching, and I am getting nervous! I think Jonah will do well, though, we just have to adjust our expectations. I think I will have to ask for help more than I'm used to and we will just have to be patient with him and not be in a hurry. We have a couple of contacts in Edinburgh and I think that will be a nice help! Pray for our trip and especially for Jonah not to be too jet-lagged!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

6 months update

Jonah has now been in our lives for half a year! It seems like he was always here, but that is my revisionist memory.

He weighs 17.5 lbs and I will not report his height because I'm pretty sure it's not accurate. He has a tooth! He also thinks he is a big boy and tries to get into everything! He is sitting up like a champ and commando crawling all over the place. He says "dadadada" and "babababa", but no mama yet, despite me getting in his face and saying it all the time. He finds that hilarious, but refuses to imitate me. It's easier to say "dadada" which I think is a conspiracy by the Man. Jonah will get up on his hands and knees and scooch, but he hasn't really started crawling yet. We think it will be soon, because he is really trying! He will also stand holding on to a table or bench.

He is eating purees: sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, peas, carrots, and green beans. I have been making them fresh, and he likes it, especially the fruit. I like to make them, and i figure I wouldn't want to eat out of a can every meal so he would probably like some fresh food every now and then, too. I can't figure out the green beans, though. They are just too chunky and he gags whenever I make them. He will eat green beans out of a jar, because they do a much better job at making a smooth puree than me!

We also found out that we are going to Scotland over Mardi Gras! Ted has to go for training, and since I won't have childcare the majority of the time due to the holiday, I figured we should all go! So Jonah is getting a passport and we will make the 7+ hour flight and hopefully not lose our minds.