Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thankful for Exercausers and FSU victories!

Tonight I am excited because this week I begin working PRN! So I'm not going to work tomorrow! On the schedule is getting things together to start working with Early Steps therapy (I'm going to do this in addition to working at Childrens PRN), mommy-baby yoga, lunch with Ted, pediatrician appointment, cleaning up the house for our church group Christmas get together on Wednesday, making dinner, and surprising my hubby with a little Christmas magic of some kind...hmmmm I have a few ideas:) Now someone call me at lunchtime and make sure I'm at least out of bed.

Jonah had his first Thanksgiving! We had a fun time getting to see all our family, incluing my grandma and my great aunt and uncle who came in from Georgia! Everyone kept asking of Jonah was going to get to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but sadly no. He is still exclusively breastfed. Next year he will get turkey, this year I think Thanksgiving was a little anti-climactic for him. He loved getting to see his family though. He was such a good boy, and a good sport about getting passed around. Especially since no one can hold him for very long since he's like a million pounds now. We have several nicknames for him, including fatty and chunky monkey, which will probably have to be phased out before he can talk and gets a complex.

We are borrowing an exercauser from friends and Jonah LOVES it! He loves to stand up, so it's perfect! He may be getting a walker of his own for Christmas.

And we of course had to watch FSU beat Florida! I'm teaching him right! Please excuse my goofy nail polish, a patient at work wanted to paint my nails.

As promised, here is the child sucking his thumb. Too cute, and probably helping us both sleep through the night. Hopefully I will not regret this one day.

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