Monday, December 20, 2010


Jonah is growing faster than I can update, so here is a quick post to catch up on all his new things. Last week he went to the pediatrician for his 5 month checkup. He got shots, which he did fine with. They said he is doing fine. He weighs 16 lb 7 oz and 24 1/2 inches. He is in the 15th percentile for his height, so he is slowly climbing up. My big boy is doing all kinds of fun stuff! He has gained mobility and is rolling all over the place. He started off on the blanket, and ended up across the room to look out the window. Check out Mr. 5 month old sitting up! After his 5 month birthday, we started rice cereal. He gets the concept, but he's still not very good at it yet. He wants that food! But he still tries to suck the food off the spoon a lot. You can see he is starting to get better, though. He already started opening his mouth for the spoon, although he spits a lot of it back out. So funny, and messy! The other day he was screaming to get his hands on the bowl. He wouldn't stop until I finally let him have it and stick his messy hands all in the cereal. He is a mess. My Christmas present this year is Jonah laughing! Oh my word it is hilarious. I can't get the video to upload, so maybe later. Stay tuned for more updates about our road trip to Georgia!

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