Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and a picture OVERLOAD

Okay, you are out of the loop! But we finally got Ted's camera cord back so we have pictures and updates:

So Jonah finally got over being sick, and he has been fine since. He is doing well at daycare. Everyone loves him (of course). I think his teachers have really gotten attached to him, and we are all getting more comfortable with him there. They say he likes to sit in his bumbo chair under the playmat and play with the dangling toys. They said he will fuss flat on his back, but he loves to sit up like a big boy. In the past few weeks, he has discovered his voice and his feet. Oh my goodness, he loves to talk and yell at his little toys and at us. Especially all through the sermon at church! He is keeping us on our toes.

Jonah has also discovered he can play with his feet. He cracks me up.

We went a few weeks ago and picked out Jonah's first pumpkin! My mom was in town so she came too.

We also took a little trip with our buddies Michael and Anna to Oak Alley Plantation. This is the Plantation that Interview with a Vampire was filmed at. We went on the tour and then ate lunch at the restaraunt, but the giant oak trees was the best part.

And Finally, Jonah's first Halloween! We just stayed at home and gave out candy, because Ted wasn't feeling too good. But we had a nice time watching the Saints game in our costumes! I made Jonah's little football costume. I made it super simple, but I was proud of myself for making it myself:)

I need advice for something we are working on. Ted and I have been trying our best to get Jonah to laugh! It is like the Ted and Kim comedy show over here! He only ever gives us little giggles, never those big baby belly laughs. We have tried everything: slapstick, neck kisses, political jokes, toilet humour...I'm afraid we may just not be funny. I have been documenting our efforts, though. Here is Ted being the pillow lizard, and me being Mr. Napkin Head. ;)

Our efforts are futile.


  1. Maybe JM is comedy Borg. Your efforts at humor are futile. :P

  2. You did such a great job on Jonah's costume ... its super cute!!!

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  4. That costume is adorable!!! Good job, Kim. :-) As far as laughing, no worries. He will do it eventualy and it will be when you least expect it and it will delight you to no end. Love you guys!