Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Growing so fast

Jonah is blowing me away. Every day it feels like he does something new! The other day, he was in his bed and fussing a little so Ted went in to check on him and he was on his tummy! He said either I'm a bad mommy and put him to sleep on his tummy, or he just rolled over! We haven't seen him do it yet, but you can't argue with the evidence. He has also started reaching for toys while he's on his stomach. I used to see kids do that at work and thought they looked like such big kids. I can't beleive my little baby is doing it! And yesterday he discovered sucking his thumb. Oh my word, he goes to town on that thumb! It's really cute, but I hope he can break the habit when he gets older. Oh well, he's only a baby once so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. My what to expect book says: "It's not easy being a baby. Every time you latch on to something that gives you the comfort and satisfaction you're searching for, somebody wants to take it away from you." Well, if that doesn't make me feel bad for trying to make him stop thumb sucking! But they're right, I gotta give the kid a break. He's had a bad cough for a while and I bought a humidifier so I hope it helps him. The daycare teachers say he hasn't been coughing during the day, so I'm starting to think he does it to irritate me.

The other big news in the Cothran house is...I am going part time at work! It was becoming really difficulty juggling taking care of a baby, a house, and working 40 hours a week. I'm sad because I will miss my kids, but thankful that I have the opportunity to spend more time with Jonah! And I still get some time at work doing what I love to do, too. I'm hoping it will be a really positive change for our family.

Since Jonah is growing up so fast, I decided to take some pictures of his cute toothless smile before I lose my chance. He'll probably have teeth before I know it, and I'm so in love with this gummy grin :) Feel free to melt.

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