Thursday, August 26, 2010

A trip to Pensacola

Jonah took his first trip to Pensacola last weekend! We had such a fun time getting to visit with our families and...get some free babysitting! :) Worry-free, that is, because Jonah stayed with my mom while Ted and I went on a date like normal people! We went to dinner and then went to the movies to see Inception, which is a really cool movie. By the end of the movie I really missed Jonah, so we were happy to go home and see him!

Jonah got to meet his great-grandmas, his grandma and grandaddy, and his uncle Michael. Rick and Hiromi and Kay came over to see him too.

He is awake so much more now and just loved getting to see everyone:)


  1. So stinkin cute! I know my parents were sad they couldn't be there to meet him. We'll be in Pcola on the weekend of Spetmeber 17th (hint hint)

  2. He is so cuddle-able! I cannot wait to get my hands on that boy!!!! :-) We had a 4 month old out our house last night and Ben was so adorable with him. He rubbed his head and held his hand and rocked him in his little chair. It was so sweet. I can't wait for him to meet Jonah. He is super excited to meet him too! :-)

  3. Awwww, Michael with a teeny tiny baby. I think we'll coming to Pcola that weekend, too since you'll be there.