Sunday, August 15, 2010

A baby story

So Jonah is sleeping and I thought I would write about his birthday before he wakes up again. So here is the story of his birth!

Thursday we had a false alarm at the hospital. I was having some spotting and the Dr. on call had us come in to L&D again. Same story, they monitored me and decided there was nothing to be done and let me go home. After that I decided to take Friday off work because it was just too much worrying. Ted and I spent Friday in the French Quarter, walking around the block, we went out to lunch, and we finished hanging pictures in Jonah's room. We went to a play that night, and got to bed about 11. I woke up at 2:30 to go to the bathroom, and while I was up I thought my water broke. I was so worried about it getting on the new carpet! Haha. But I finally realized I couldn't deliver the baby in the bathroom so I got out. We called L&D and came back to the hospital, for real this time.

When I got admitted, they checked me and I was at 6 cm. Halfway there and no problem right? Wrong. I was having really light contractions, but nothing big. They admitted me, and within a few hours, all my contractions stopped. I was so frustrated, I started walking up and down the room, I sat on my birthing ball, we even put on 80's music and danced to see if that would get things moving. Nothing. The nurse came in and said the Dr would be coming in soon to check and he might want to talk about pitocin or something to get my contractions going again. I didn't know what to do because I didn't want pitocin, but I didn't want to be stubborn and risk Jonah getting infection since my water had broken. I layed back down and just prayed "God, please get my body moving on its own or give me the knowledge of what I should do when the doctor gets in here." Immediately, I started having contractions, stronger than I ever had. So crazy! God not only answered my prayers the whole day, he answered them immediatly and in such a big way there was no way to not acknowledge him.

The doctor came in shortly and checked me again and I was at 9 cm! Wow, this was the easiest childbirth experience ever! (Don't worry, that will change:)) I was so pumped I got up again to walk around, sit in the chair, and stand up to get that last cm out of the way! My contractions were pretty bad, but I was able to stand up and whisper through them. After a while, they started to get worse and I had to sit back down. The nurse came in to check me again and she said I was so close, but we still had a little cervix in the way. I was pretty much staying in bed at this point because I was in A LOT of pain. Well, you would think I was almost there! I had got to 9 cm so easily! But my journey from 9.5-10 was about 4 hours. And it was worse because I wanted to push every time I had a contraction, but I still wasn't all the way dilated so I couldn't. Finally, the nurse came in and we were able to push a little and get the last bit dilated! Finally it was time for Jonah to come!

I pushed for about 40 minutes which was the hardest work I can imagine. When he came out, i didn't even know it because I had my eyes closed. The doctors said 'open your eyes!' and when I did, there was my little guy poking out! He looked HUGE to me, even though he wasn't even 7 lbs. I finished pushing and then they gave him to me and put him on my chest. I just started crying because he was finally here and I was finally done! Ted got to cut the cord, and I got to hold him for a long time while they stitched me up a little. I remember thinking I didn't recognize him, because he didn't look like what I thought he would look like, although he's the cutest baby I've ever seen so I'm not complaining:) I thought the afterbirth and stitches would be nothing, but it was so painful because it was like the last little feather and I could barely handle it. I just wanted to rest! Plus they were worried about me and kept checking because I was bleeding a little too much. They had to give me an IV of oxytocin then and a shot in the leg to help stop the hemorraging, but it was okay. I was getting a little scared, but Jonah was like my lifeline and I just kept holding him and reminding myself that he was okay. I felt bad because I wanted Ted to get to hold him, but I couldn't bring myself to give him up.

Finally they finished working on me and I got to hold him and try to breastfeed. Then I gave him to Ted to hold him, too. He was so patient and didn't try to take my baby away until I was ready, even though he was dying to get his hands on him!

I just can't believe he's finally here, and what a great birth experience we had. It was such a blessing that there was not a single complication so I was able to focus on the birth process and not worry about him. He was so tough and strong the whole time. And Ted was such a great support, he just sat there and held my hand and did whatever I asked him to do. He was kind of my interpreter too, since I could barely speak and no one else could understand what I was saying. Once he tried to move to go get something and I wouldn't let him let go of my hand. I think he stood there and held my hand for 5 hours, the poor guy. Good thing my mom was there so she could do practical things that required being more than 2 feet from me. I'm proud of myself, but I couldn't have done it by myself, I had the best help ever. God has blessed us so much and we are so happy to finally meet our baby!

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