Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trip to Georgia and Christmas week

I am so behind...
So a couple weeks ago we went to Georgia for Ted's brother-in-law's graduation! He graduated from UGA with his PhD in English. I was a big bulldog fan growing up, so it was fun to go there and see the campus again. We had fun going to the ceremony and going to dinner afterwards with the whole family to celebrate! Jonah was not happy sitting in his car seat, so we let him sit up in a high chair for the first time! He loved looking all around and getting to be at the table with everyone! I only got a picture on my phone because we didn't have the real camera. When he started getting tired, Ted's uncle John took him and rocked him so we could enjoy our meal, and he gets my undying love for that move! It's nice to have a little break and enjoy a meal once in a while:)
Jonah also got to meet his great-grandmother for the first time. Ted's grandmother stayed at the hotel with us so she got to see a lot of Jonah.

On our way back to New Orleans, we stopped in Atlanta for a day to see Pam! We got to play with McKenzie that day, which was so fun! I haven't really seen her since she was a little baby, and she is so funny. She is learning all kinds of new words, and she cracks me up. She would come in the room and say "Hi Kim, Hi Uncle Ted, Hi baby Nonah." She thought Jonah was her baby doll, she was trying to give him a pacifier, and when I said he was going to take a nap she went to get him a blanket...so sweet. We had so much fun getting to see them.

When we got back, it was Christmas week and we had a lot of Christmas activities to get done! We went to Christmas in the Oaks, which is lights and music in the park. This is the same park that I took my maternity pictures at:


Jonah loved the Christmas lights and the music. The next day we went to see Santa! I think Jonah likes him!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Jonah is growing faster than I can update, so here is a quick post to catch up on all his new things. Last week he went to the pediatrician for his 5 month checkup. He got shots, which he did fine with. They said he is doing fine. He weighs 16 lb 7 oz and 24 1/2 inches. He is in the 15th percentile for his height, so he is slowly climbing up. My big boy is doing all kinds of fun stuff! He has gained mobility and is rolling all over the place. He started off on the blanket, and ended up across the room to look out the window. Check out Mr. 5 month old sitting up! After his 5 month birthday, we started rice cereal. He gets the concept, but he's still not very good at it yet. He wants that food! But he still tries to suck the food off the spoon a lot. You can see he is starting to get better, though. He already started opening his mouth for the spoon, although he spits a lot of it back out. So funny, and messy! The other day he was screaming to get his hands on the bowl. He wouldn't stop until I finally let him have it and stick his messy hands all in the cereal. He is a mess. My Christmas present this year is Jonah laughing! Oh my word it is hilarious. I can't get the video to upload, so maybe later. Stay tuned for more updates about our road trip to Georgia!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thankful for Exercausers and FSU victories!

Tonight I am excited because this week I begin working PRN! So I'm not going to work tomorrow! On the schedule is getting things together to start working with Early Steps therapy (I'm going to do this in addition to working at Childrens PRN), mommy-baby yoga, lunch with Ted, pediatrician appointment, cleaning up the house for our church group Christmas get together on Wednesday, making dinner, and surprising my hubby with a little Christmas magic of some kind...hmmmm I have a few ideas:) Now someone call me at lunchtime and make sure I'm at least out of bed.

Jonah had his first Thanksgiving! We had a fun time getting to see all our family, incluing my grandma and my great aunt and uncle who came in from Georgia! Everyone kept asking of Jonah was going to get to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but sadly no. He is still exclusively breastfed. Next year he will get turkey, this year I think Thanksgiving was a little anti-climactic for him. He loved getting to see his family though. He was such a good boy, and a good sport about getting passed around. Especially since no one can hold him for very long since he's like a million pounds now. We have several nicknames for him, including fatty and chunky monkey, which will probably have to be phased out before he can talk and gets a complex.

We are borrowing an exercauser from friends and Jonah LOVES it! He loves to stand up, so it's perfect! He may be getting a walker of his own for Christmas.

And we of course had to watch FSU beat Florida! I'm teaching him right! Please excuse my goofy nail polish, a patient at work wanted to paint my nails.

As promised, here is the child sucking his thumb. Too cute, and probably helping us both sleep through the night. Hopefully I will not regret this one day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Growing so fast

Jonah is blowing me away. Every day it feels like he does something new! The other day, he was in his bed and fussing a little so Ted went in to check on him and he was on his tummy! He said either I'm a bad mommy and put him to sleep on his tummy, or he just rolled over! We haven't seen him do it yet, but you can't argue with the evidence. He has also started reaching for toys while he's on his stomach. I used to see kids do that at work and thought they looked like such big kids. I can't beleive my little baby is doing it! And yesterday he discovered sucking his thumb. Oh my word, he goes to town on that thumb! It's really cute, but I hope he can break the habit when he gets older. Oh well, he's only a baby once so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. My what to expect book says: "It's not easy being a baby. Every time you latch on to something that gives you the comfort and satisfaction you're searching for, somebody wants to take it away from you." Well, if that doesn't make me feel bad for trying to make him stop thumb sucking! But they're right, I gotta give the kid a break. He's had a bad cough for a while and I bought a humidifier so I hope it helps him. The daycare teachers say he hasn't been coughing during the day, so I'm starting to think he does it to irritate me.

The other big news in the Cothran house is...I am going part time at work! It was becoming really difficulty juggling taking care of a baby, a house, and working 40 hours a week. I'm sad because I will miss my kids, but thankful that I have the opportunity to spend more time with Jonah! And I still get some time at work doing what I love to do, too. I'm hoping it will be a really positive change for our family.

Since Jonah is growing up so fast, I decided to take some pictures of his cute toothless smile before I lose my chance. He'll probably have teeth before I know it, and I'm so in love with this gummy grin :) Feel free to melt.

Monday, November 8, 2010

4 months

My baby is getting so big! He went to the doctor today and he weighs 15 lbs 7 oz and is 23 3/4 inches long. He is short and fat. Maybe one day he will be proportional. He is reaching and grabbing for toys and trying to scoot on his belly without success. Still no big belly laughs, despite our best efforts. He will roll from his back to his side and his side to his stomach, but he hasn't made the whole roll at once yet. I think he may have started teething because everything goes straight in his mouth, and he chomps on it instead of sucking. And he is drooling like Niagra Falls! Seriously, I should know I've been there. So we'll see if any teeth show up any time soon. He loves to play with his little duck toy and his moose. He cries if you take them away, which is kind of funny. Maybe we just think so because we are mean. I think that is all his recent milestones. He is all good!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and a picture OVERLOAD

Okay, you are out of the loop! But we finally got Ted's camera cord back so we have pictures and updates:

So Jonah finally got over being sick, and he has been fine since. He is doing well at daycare. Everyone loves him (of course). I think his teachers have really gotten attached to him, and we are all getting more comfortable with him there. They say he likes to sit in his bumbo chair under the playmat and play with the dangling toys. They said he will fuss flat on his back, but he loves to sit up like a big boy. In the past few weeks, he has discovered his voice and his feet. Oh my goodness, he loves to talk and yell at his little toys and at us. Especially all through the sermon at church! He is keeping us on our toes.

Jonah has also discovered he can play with his feet. He cracks me up.

We went a few weeks ago and picked out Jonah's first pumpkin! My mom was in town so she came too.

We also took a little trip with our buddies Michael and Anna to Oak Alley Plantation. This is the Plantation that Interview with a Vampire was filmed at. We went on the tour and then ate lunch at the restaraunt, but the giant oak trees was the best part.

And Finally, Jonah's first Halloween! We just stayed at home and gave out candy, because Ted wasn't feeling too good. But we had a nice time watching the Saints game in our costumes! I made Jonah's little football costume. I made it super simple, but I was proud of myself for making it myself:)

I need advice for something we are working on. Ted and I have been trying our best to get Jonah to laugh! It is like the Ted and Kim comedy show over here! He only ever gives us little giggles, never those big baby belly laughs. We have tried everything: slapstick, neck kisses, political jokes, toilet humour...I'm afraid we may just not be funny. I have been documenting our efforts, though. Here is Ted being the pillow lizard, and me being Mr. Napkin Head. ;)

Our efforts are futile.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jonah's first virus

Yeah, a first that should definitely be documented! If only to hold over his head all the drama he causes his poor momma!

That's right, what we thought was a reaction to shots was actually a virus. Jonah began with a fever on Saturday morning, but he still had it by Monday morning. Then, Monday morning we woke up and Jonah had a terrible rash all over his body. And my heart is re-breaking right now just thinking about it. (You hear that child, You are BREAKING MY HEART.And it's ALREADY BROKEN.) We went to the pediatrician early that morning, and she said the fever comes first, and as the fever starts going away he gets a rash. I am praying that he will continue to be healed, because he is just so little to get sick:( Thankfuly he has had no more fever today, and he has been happier this evening. We have even gotten a few smiles! Although, he is still not his normal self. He fusses over the littlest thing, which isn't like him. And in case you were wondering, it is totally possible to whine and eat at the same time. All it takes is the perfect genetic combination of me and Ted! And I will leave you to decide who he gets the whining from and who he gets the eating from.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Big Changes

This week has been a week of big changes for the Cothran family. But we have survived! I went back to work last Friday, and Jonah started day care on Monday. Friday I went back to work, but Ted was off so he stayed home with Jonah for the day so I didn't have to worry about day care and going back to work in the same day. Friday was actually nice! I had a nice day at work, and Ted brought Jonah during my lunch break so I still got to see him. If only every day could be like that!

Monday Jonah had to go to his first day of daycare. And yes, I cried. Until about 9 am. Ted came with me and we dropped him off, and then I just ran out so I would actually do it. When I got to my car, I realized I had forgotten to give them his jacket. I should have just left, but it was actually getting cold and I didn't want the worst mom of the year award for not sending his jacket. So I went back in to put it in his cubby, and he was crying! Oh, my heart. I just had to run back out and then I didn't stop crying until after I got to work. I called like 3 times, and he was fine after that. But I just kept seeing him fussing and I was leaving him! GAH!

He has done fine every day after that. Me, on the other hand...I'm fine when I'm busy, but if I don't have patients then I start worrying about him and missing him. I won't say it has gotten easier, but I at least stopped crying. Work is going well, though! I missed my kiddos, and I'm happy to be back and see them.

Jonah had his 3 month checkup this week, too. He weighs 13 lb 7.5 oz, and is 23 inches long. That's the 10th percentile, people! He is growing! Maybe he will not always be a midget! He also got shots, and these were a little bit rough on him. Ted said he did cry for a little bit. That was Thursday, and then Friday he was okay. But Saturday morning he woke up with a low fever :( He would just cry and cry unless I was holding him. Then he would snuggle and go to sleep. I put him in bed with me and he finally went back to sleep if he was snuggled on me. Poor baby, he felt so bad. I was also not feeling great because I had my flu shot, and it always makes me sick. Does that happen to other people? I didn't see it as a side effect of the flu shot. Anyway, I called the pediatrician, and she said his fever was most likely just from the shot and I could give him some tylenol. He is feeling better now, but not quite his super happy self. I am surprised I didnt freak out more about his fever. I guess I just knew it was probably from the shot and it wasn't that high. It is super sad though.

It has been a rough week, but we are surviving so far. Hopefully Jonah will be back to normal tomorrow so we can play before another week of work begins!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Life lately

Ted misplaced his camera cable so we haven't been able to load pictures on the computer lately. So this will be a pictureless post until he finds it.

I have 4 more days until I go back to work so we have been living it up over here! I'm excited to get back to normal life and see my kids and co-workers, but I'm going to miss Jonah:( On Friday he is staying home with Ted, and then next Monday he starts daycare! The place he is going seems really nice, and they have 2 teachers and about 6-7 kids in his class, so I think he'll still get a lot of attention, but hopefully also learn some independence too. I'm sad, because I want him to need me! But I know he needs to become more independent too and that it will be good for him.

Last week we went to the Manning Experience at the Superdome with some friends from church. Jonah thought we were outside with all the bright lights, he was just looking around at everyone. I mostly just took pictures of everyone else because I was holding the kiddo, but I did get a little break and got to kick a field goal! Which I totally missed by the way, but that's okay because if I could make it I would be really mad about how much money pro athletes make.

Then last weekend we took a trip to Pensacola. Beth and Pam were both there so we got to see both of them! It was so great! I miss those girls, so I'm glad we got to hang out some. I barely got to see Kenzie, but I got to spend some time with Yvie who is getting so cute. It made me excited for when Jonah starts talking. Except not because that would mean he would have to grow up! Noo! But he will be so cute though! Ack, I am so conflicted in my life!

Jonah went to the beach for the first time. He was so happy sitting on a towel in the sand! He was grinning and laughing the whole time. We stuck his feet in the water a little bit, and he wasn't too sure about that. He liked it more under the umbrella where it wasn't so bright.

Thankfully Jonah is finally starting to sleep well! He has slept through the night the past 2 nights, and I have to give Ted credit for this. He had the idea that we stop putting him to sleep swaddled because he sleeps fine, but when he comes unswaddled he wakes up. Ted thought maybe if he got used to sleeping unswaddled then he would sleep through the night better. I agreed to try it, but was preparing myself for a tough couple of nights at first. So wrong! Jonah rolled over to his side and didn't stir all night long! I think he just liked getting to sleep on his side instead of on his back. Oh my gosh, that first night that I didn't wake up once...I can't even explain the joy. I can't remember the last time I slept that long without interruption. Hopefully he will keep it up after I go back to work!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Let me begin by saying that this post may contain too much information on that illicit topic of (GASP) breastfeeding! It may be too much for the faint of heart or those with a y chromosome. Yeah, that means if you're a guy. Okay, you have been warned.

For all the future breastfeeding moms out there, let me be the first to warn you about how breastfeeding hormones are about to turn you all kinds of crazy. If you thought pregnancy hormones are bad, they are tame compared to this. Pregnancy hormones were like "oh, get that fried chicken away from me before I feel nauseated". Breastfeeding hormones are like "I need to take my child and crawl in a corner in the closet and cry." And knowing it's the hormones doesn't make it feel less real, it just helps you be practical about it, and not actually crawl in a corner and cry. Usually.

I have it down to a science, though. Which it is a science called physiology which is pretty cool but also weird. Anyway. Out of nowhere, I will feel this sadness, and like I need to go pick up Jonah and cuddle him and make sure he's okay. Then, not 10 seconds later, I will feel milk coming in. I guess physiology would say it is the oxytocin hormone, which is the milk hormone but is also the "cuddle hormone". Sometimes it's so bad that I HAVE to go pick up Jonah and hold him. Or if I can't then I have to find Ted and get him to give me a hug. I would probably accept hugs from random strangers if I had to. I think it's pretty cool how God designed my body to need him when he needs me. In theory, when it's not actually happening to ME. Although I'm not really sure how people can say the baby blues made them kill their children, because to me it's the exact opposite instinct. It's like I need to make sure he's okay, happy, and healthy. I NEED to hold and rock him and love him. Which I wish my body would realize that I want to do anyway so this crazy hormone is a little obsolete and annoying. And could stop making me cry at that commercial where all the moms are sending their kids off on the school bus.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I love your funny face

Just some pictures of my favorite face including some of our 2 month "photo shoot". I think we've created a MONSTER with this fancy camera!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 month checkup

Today Jonah went for his 2 month checkup. I persuaded Ted to come with us because I was worried about the shot, but for no reason so far. Jonah couldn't care less about it, he whimpered a little bit and then got over it. I guess I forgot how tough he is! Taking a bath is way worse than a shot in his book. So far he doesn't have a fever or anything, so I hope that keeps up.

He weighs 11 lb 8 oz and was 21.5 inches long. His weight is fine, he is in the 50 percentile. However, he is such a shorty! He is only in the 5 percentile, and it is breaking my heart. This child breaks my heart every day, he owes me big time when he gets older. The doctor said don't worry about it because he is meeting all his milestones and gaining weight, but clearly this woman does not know me very well. She wanted to know if anyone in our families was small at first and then shot up, but we didn't really know. I know she wouldn't be worried if we were short, but since we're both fairly tall it's strange that he is so short. She said maybe we didn't get a good measurement, but I went home and measured him and got the same thing. I know it is only the difference of an inch, but it still makes me worry about his growth. He also has an umbilical hernia that I shouldn't write about because I try to pretend it isn't there. It makes me worry too, it looks so bad. But she looked at it and said it's fine and will go away on its own most likely. I'm trying to hold on to the good things, like that he hasn't been sick, and he is gaining weight and meeting his milestones. But it's hard not to worry about even the little things! Maybe he was such a skinny when he was born that he had to pork up, and now he can worry about growing tall.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jonah's baptism! And related celebrations

We had such a fun Labor Day weekend! Both of our families came to town to attend Jonah's baptism, which was such a special occasion! We had a great time hanging out together.

On Friday night Heather, Jeff, and Benjamin got here. They got here late but we stayed up late to hang out since it was the only night that was just us kids:) I couldn't even sleep Friday night because I was so excited that they were already here and everyone else was on their way the next day. Thank goodness Jonah slept well so I did get a little rest.

On Saturday Ted's parents and my parents came over. We decided to take Ben to the amusement park in City Park to let him get some energy out. He had so much fun, and we had fun watching him. Ted took him on all the rides while Heather and I hung out with Jonah and carried the baggage.

The first ride he went on was the roller coaster. I was so afraid for him because he had never been on a roller coaster before! The first lap around he looked okay, but the second lap around he had a terrified look on his face. When he got off, we asked him in a really upbeat way didn't he love it? Wasn't it fun? He said, "Yeah, but I did cry a little bit" Oh my gosh, Heather and I were dying laughing at him because we are mean. He survived though, and then rode on some more little kid rides and loved it.

Ted and Jeff made us a gourmet dinner that night. They went to the seafood market and got fresh shrimp and made fried shrimp poboys and red beans and rice. Oh yum...

Sunday was a big big day because Jonah got baptized! It was so special. I was so excited to get up there and begin his Christian life. I was all smiles when the whole congregation committed to helping raise him in the church and teach him about Jesus. Those people are so great and we are so lucky to have them in Jonah's life. It was super special to have Ray baptize him because he is so special to us. It was so sweet to have both of our families there to see it and share such a special day with us. And I did cry a little bit ;) But not much because I was so nervous because I am silly.

Oh and this one is Michael and Veronica holding Jonah in church. They were so cute so Ted's mom snapped a quick picture!

After church we went to brunch to celebrate. We went to Palace Cafe-again oh yum! We always want to take our families to eat in New Orleans because we have so many places that we like to go eat in this city! But it seems we never make it, so it was great to be able to go with everyone and have a New Orleans brunch. I loved that everyone got something different and interesting. The menu was really unique but everything is always good! Here are pictures of the WHOLE family at lunch!

Sunday we played games at home and then my family left, except mom who just cannot be torn away from her grandson;) We also let Ben hold "baby Jonah"! He was so cute. Jonah would be sleeping in his crib and Ben would just randomly announce "I'm going to check on Baby Jonah." Haha. We finally let him hold Jonah and he was so sweet. He was calling everyone to come look at him. I asked him if he wanted to keep holding him or if he wanted me to take him, and he kept saying "I want to hold him." He sat there for about 10 minutes just holding Jonah, which was probably the longest he sat still the whole weekend when he wasn't sleeping.

Then Monday everyone had to go home and we were sad, but happy that we had such a great weekend!